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..Strange--Part I... A place close to where I grew up in N. Little Rock, Arkansas as in photo shows an occult dwelling of three hexagons. I have passed by this place many times. Once my best friend brought me to a garage sale there while I was visiting (about 1977 or 1978) two years after I had moved to Dallas, Texas. The sale was filled with occult items, and I refused to buy any of the items as an old woman with blond or white hair had informed me that none of it was really for sale. Evenso, the old woman insisted that I take one of the items, a type of charm or something, but I still refused and said it was of the occult; evenso, the old woman tried to put the item in my front pocket hand cuffed eyes met as she uttered something like they wanted a reason to be getting it back later. I abruptly told the old woman no, and I didn't take it. Yes, a few others did dwell there.

The Tale of the Core
: Strange--Part II

Tale of The Loop

Tale of the Torque

Tale of the UnTorque -- (Added 2/2016)
(Updated 1/2017)

Tale of The Line --
Strange Happening

Angelic Being in the Tale
: Tale of the Club

Strange Tale in Berlin--
Alien Being in the Tale

The Tale of the Start --
the Beginning

Tale of Iran/War

Tale of the Trailers --
(Chronology of Events)

Tale of the Street -- (Revised 4/2014)

Tale of Various Clones in U.S. -- (Updated 5/2/2015)
& British Infiltration

Tale of Backwards -- (Updated Chronology 3/31/2018)
(a Continued Chronology) -- the most current chronology

Tale of Little Red Man

Tale of Moonchild

Transmission from Moonbase

Tale of Reason

Tale of Starship -- (9/2013)

Tale of Catfish -- (10/2013)

Tale of Deep Underground -- (12/2013)

Tale of Two Seeds -- (1/2014)

Tale of Two Devices -- (1/2014)

Tale of Road Destruction -- (Updated 10/2014)
(in city of Dallas)

Tale of The Industry -- (6/2015)

Tale of Mind Reintegration -- (9/2015)

Tale of Pure Breed Dogs -- (12/2015)

Tale of Chump Speech -- (9/2015)

Tale of Avocado Seed -- (12/2015)

Tale of Terror Signals -- (2/2016)

Tale of Virtual World -- (3/2016)

Tale of Unreal Person -- (12/2016--updated: 4/2020)

Tale of The Working -- (2/2017)

Tale of the Two Towers -- (9/2017)

Tale of True Origin of Trailer #3 -- (New Edited 2/2021)

Tale of Coronavirus-19 -- (New 3/2020, updated 5/2021)

Tale of Coronavirus-19: Plus -- (New 3/2020, updated 5/2021)

Tale of the Dead: Coronavirus-19 -- (New 4/2020)

Tale of Remedy for the Coronavirus-19 -- (New 5/2021)

Tale of Vaccine & Delta Variant -- (New 8/2021)

Tale of Two Mixes: Book of Hebrews & Dome of the Rock -- (New 1/2021)

Tale of the Terrible Vaccines -- (New 11/2021)

Tale of Acute Changes: Maneuvering -- (New 2/2022)

Tale of Serpent and the Tail -- (New 2/2022)

Tale of Happening to the Dinosaurs -- (New 3/2022)

Words for the end.
As the end of time approaches various manifestations
begin to increase. Even to some it would not be known.
If it were known what would it bring; therefore a one
beseeches you what is known. Not of the information--
but for your spirit and your mind.

A Very Short Tale.
The end of this is not known but some of the first was known. The doors are slamming in the U.S.A. of obscure, the Loop is closed. They are finished and for the doors of the British Empire they are shutting this was anticipated to happen and is happening this being the center of the current world system. This not known but only of the knowledge of the one writing the tale that of the land of Assyria and of Shinar the doors of obscure will open.

Definition terms of the tale:
The trailers--the ones who tail.
The writer--the writer of the tale.
Because the loop being closed the line was drawn the link to the Loop in above. The tale of the trinket was a happening both outside the loop and within the loop but was not part of the loop after the mix-up occurred.

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