Tale of Various Clones in U.S. --
& British Infiltration

Have clones been created by the secret underground? -- this is apparent yes for because of the trailers and information by the trailers there have been cloned hybrid-humans since the 1920's and even beyond.

How and where this happened -- this happened in the secret underground in the U.S. and Britain. Basically, the cloning had taken place in the secret underground bases which in the human cases the clones involved one other genre. The clones involving humans were made up as percentage human over other genre of: 90/10, 80/20, and some even less human in which of all the cloning the entites had initially relayed assistance of the original process. The percentage group of 90/10 and 80/20 were let out in society and function as regular human. The underground bases used in the production of the clones were Fort Meade Maryland, Los Alamos New Mexico, and the Thames River secret underground base in Britain.

Why this happened -- it being apparent that the cloned hybrid-humans from the U.S. bases were put out because of agreement or pact with the entities in the underground. Basically, the clones operate in society as infiltration to project a further agenda. The underground bases in return get technological access and specifications for technology which also includes access to the Moonbase operation on the dark side of the moon. The entities in return get access to the clones in the society for sinister agenda which some of the clones have guaranteed access to the Moonbase signal mind control technology. As for the British underground the clones being put out in the U.S. society from the British base were for British infiltration into the U.S. for the good of the Industry and Britain. This in contrast to the clones being put out by the U.S. bases which were put out for infiltration by the enities for the good of satanism and the Industry. Though this seems one in the same it is complicated web.

What makes up the clones -- the cloned hybrid-humans of 90/10 and 80/20 are of human form can easisly pass as human even by regular medical tests, but that the nervous system of the clone is of other molecular structure. For the cloned hybrid-humans of lesser human percentage the clones not easily pass as human and not let out into society as functional. Some of these lesser clones used as arranged prostitutes even as not passable in society. These prostitutes could be wormholed as their regular function was to walk the halls of the underground not known if many of these types but that it is known that some of them went down in 2012. The hybrid-human clones cannot procreate.

What kind of clones -- (this involving molecular structure -- the nervous system of non-human genre):
(this is what is known; these put out into U.S. society for sinister agenda)

Nightcrawler -- these being 80/20 usually female; they can be in society; put out by Fort Meade used by the entities for mind control agenda.
Toadfrog -- these being 80/20 usually male; they can be in society; put out by Fort Meade used by entities for Industry and mind control agenda.
Guppy -- these being 80/20 usually male; they can be in society; put out by Los Alamos used by entities for mind control agenda and satanism.
Crab -- these being 80/20 usually male; they can be in society; put out by Fort Meade used by entites for mind control agenda.
Octopus -- these being 80/20 usually female no hair on head wear wigs; they can be in society; put out by Fort Meade for use by other societal clones.
Black molly -- these being 90/10 usually male but can be female; usually always black hair racial white usually or black; they can be in society and are for U.S. society for purpose of infiltration; put out by Thames River underground base in Britain; they usually can be in certain professions: eyeglass, physician, insurance, law, but also profession not required.
Red-tailed shark -- these being 90/10 usually female but can be male; they can be in society i.e. hairdressers for U.S. society for purpose of infiltration; put out by Thames River underground base in Britain; usually spouse of black molly; offspring time-surrogated or surrogated.
Spider -- these being lesser percentage human usually female; they cannot be in society excepting 90/10; put out by Thames River underground base in Britain used for prostitution.
Newer clones -- speculation of boa constrictor (Anna Nicole) and spider monkey (AIDS).

Anna Nicole -- How did this happen? Apparently this is how this could have happened: The bio father (L.B.) of the daughter Danielynn with the true bio mother actually being (Virgie Mae) this also being Anna Nicole's said mother. What had happened was that Virgie Mae must have gotten pregnant by Danielynn's bio father which after this happened then Los Alamos took the embryo within three weeks of pregnancy then cloned the embryo with a boa constrictor 90/10 and then placed the cloned embryo into Virgie Mae as a time-surrogate this embryo being Anna Nicole born 1967. Then by Los Alamos Anna Nicole time-surrogated the true embryo Danielynn being born in 2006. As an addition the son of Anna Nicole being Daniel was also time-surrogated as his bio father also being the same father as Danielynn as his bio mother being unknown. The most probable year Los Alamos performed this experiment was in 2003 using time wormhole technology.

The Guppy - a fish it is a clone; it is cloned from the mosquito fish and a rooster.

The Black Molly -- a fish it is a clone; it is cloned from the Platyfish; the short-finned black molly is a clone it is cloned from the Platy and the North American grizzly bear. The long-finned black molly is cloned from the Platy and the Dung Beetle -- these two being different.

The Red-tailed Shark -- a fish it is a clone; it is cloned from the clown loach and a North American mole; it seeks to burrow but it nips at fins.

The Green Sword-tail -- a fish it is a clone; it is cloned from the Southern Platy and a yellowjacket.

The Southern Platyfish -- a clone; it is cloned from the North American Bald Eagle and a certain fish?; it seeks to soar. Human clones put out by this fish 90/10 via Los Alamos; functional in society -- pleasant; guardless; incorruptible. Others: rifleman; gunsmoke.

The Variatus Platyfish -- a clone; it is cloned from the Hawk and a certain fish?.

Clones: Two Presidents

British infiltration
-- Abraham Lincoln a clone; put out by Thames River undergound base in Britain; time-surrogated cloned from chimpanzee as trailers referral less than 80/20 -- as 75/25 this the molecular structure. Spouse Mary Todd also clone put out by Thames River cloned from black molly 90/10 molecular structure; offspring time-surrogated either mankind or clones. Assassination in theater from secret underground in Britain not perpetrated by John Wilkes Booth.

(A note here that the trailers had initially lied of the clone of Barack Obama and that the clone was of his opponent and Obama of another). So the following to give them all:
**as a side note the person of DNA is not known except in case of Mitt Romney**

Satanic Stratagem
-- Barack Obama a clone; put out by Thames River underground in Britain; cloned from walking stick 90/10 molecular structure as trailers referral but is known by those of the obscure.

-- Michelle Obama a clone; put out by Thames River in Britain; cloned from spider 90/10 molecular structure. Offspring time-surrogated spider, mayfly both 90/10 molecular structure.

-- Mitt Romney a clone; put out by Los Alamos New Mexico; cloned from Southern Platyfish 90/10 molecular structure & DNA George Romney.

-- Ann Romney a clone; put out by Thames River in Britain; cloned from dragonfly 90/10 molecular structure.

UPDATE (8/2013): two other inordinate types -- one clone type; the other a mutant type.

Killer Bee -- a clone type of the regular honey bee and a hornet. The stinger of the killer bee being of the hornet; also they do not pollinate; not from Africa. Put out by Thames River underground.

Germ of Milkweed -- a mutation type of Milkweed used for sabotage against certain particular humans; germ devised by particular entity and Utah private underground. The mutated germ can be grown in vat setting under particular conditions then applied on human skin which it enters through pores of skin. It germinates underneath the skin then springs forth out of the skin after up to two weeks as black squiggling vine type sprouts. The germination/mutation engulfs the whole body in matter of days. Used in Israel for putting down patients after germination gets out of control; also used in U.S. but always secret. Also said growth of mutant can be greatly enhanced by applying milk of magnesia to the skin which is sucked through the pores (not to do this). Remedy of the GERM: very hot water running over skin and body this can stop the germination before it grows out of the skin. Evidence of infection is red fungus appearing on the surface of the skin which anti-fungal (tolnaftate) powder does hamper the fungus. The hot water will force the germ and the seeds to come out of the pores of skin also this takes months utilizing this same regimen. Not advisable to take medical drugs other than the anti-fungal powder. End result of unremedied host is full mutation and grotesque death.

Killabee -- this was of some type devised by the entities and Los Alamos underground said to not have been utilized. Type unknown.

UPDATE (10/2013): another clone type; two debilitations.

Greyhound -- a clone; it is cloned from Afghan Hound and a Jack Rabbit; put out by Thames River underground.

Jack Dempsey -- a clone; it is cloned from an Oscar and a Gorilla; put out by Thames River underground.

Systematic Debilitation:

Cerebral Palsey -- systematic causing by presence of rubbing alchohol in incubators.

Near-sightedness -- systematic restriction of oxygen in incubators.

UPDATE (3/2014): further debilitation.

Hospitals -- the entities in hospitals instigate the debilitations and choose the subjects to be debilitated. In this the entities use certain personnel in the hospitals carry out and present the debilitation into the subjects this being true for all the debilitations in hospitals listed on this page. The personnel used for the debilitations sometimes are in the knowledge; sometimes not in that the entity "joy sticks" them by using their mind for the moment. The information about these debilitations comes by permission from the entities to trailer #3 to iterate unsolicited to the writer of the tale. It is that these days at receiving such that trailer #3 as being a clone is gnarly in behavior and being under almost pure subjugation of the entities. Also it appears this information is a wrap-up for the entities as a paradigm from farther underneath is being prepared for them.

Autism -- systematic debilitation in hospitals of injecting formaldehyde straight not in vaccines but as vaccines into very young age humans. This causing damage ability to use the mind thus unable for the subject to use the conscious mind so as the subject then opens up the sub-conscious mind for the primary use for the mind.


Helical Square -- a listed or unlisted unsolved math problem: one of the pinnacles is on the line; no longer a square. Meaning: that something other exist outside the square thus by other larger square outside (other geometric shape) then can define the Helical "square". This information came by way of trailer #3; also that the entities themselves could not solve the problem that a dark angel had gave it (solution) to them.

UPDATE (11/2013)

Schematic Math -- the entities use complex mathematics but also they use a method of math called schematic math. In this math there is the use of small items portraying certain much larger items. The entities use these smaller items in portraying events which they desire but does not require the use of real complex mathematics or physics. Basically like playing with small items like a mock of an airliner in the hand flying it and then into a mock of a tall skyscraper. This method is used by the entities to give the affect of what could be without the use of mathematical laws or physics.