Endtime Index

The following is an index of pages in book form by this website presenting the orchestrations for the Great Tribulation which is 1290 days -- three and one-half years.
All of this relates to the concept there will occur a Backwards-Time-Event in which the Milky Way galaxy being the whole universe will go back on the linear time-line to year Fall 2013 thereby will be the beginning of the 1290 days which will end in Spring 2017.
The Backwards-Time-Event can occur in any season, any day, or anytime, but with the parable of the fig tree must occur before a generation passes away as in Matthew 24:34.

By these pages one can find the end of the world -- in it it's like a puzzle.

..... Beast System At The Time Of The End
..... The Beast; Revived Rome
..... Pic -- Old Rome
..... Pic -- Ten Nations
..... False Prophet--Antichrist
..... Pic -- Greek Empire
..... Pic -- Greek Didache
..... Pic -- Mesopotamia

..... About the Seven Churches
..... Judgment of the Great Whore--Revelation 17
..... The Satanic Trinity

..... Four Wars on Horizon
..... Asteroids of the 2nd & 3rd Trumpets
..... Destruction of the Universe--Seven Thousand-Year Plan
..... Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks of Years

..... Theory of Backwards Event--Time Movement
..... Graph of Depiction (of Backwards-Time-Event)
..... Andromeda Galaxy Non-Existent
..... The Heavens and the Earth--Bible Verses
..... Explaining the Backwards Event

..... Seventy Year Time-Line--The Time Counter
..... The Numbers--Playing the Numbers (2013)
..... The Seven Seals
..... Chronology for the End