Four Major Wars

On the horizon are four major wars which will occur in the coming years correlative to the return of Jesus Christ. This website believes this end will start in Fall 2013 because of a Backwards-Time-Event which the galaxy goes back in time to Fall 2013 to start the three and one-half year-end.
All these four wars are referenced from this Backwards-Time-Event:

War 1... An evil leader out of the land of Assyria most notably a Kurd will rise up sometime after the "transgressors are come to the full" as the current ISIS incursion in the Middle East being probable reference to the transgressors, or else the U.S. initial invasion of Iraq since 2003 up to the current presence. (Dan. 8:23). The evil leader and the U.S. will form some kind of alliance with the U.S. navy being involved because of the many ships used (as per Dan. 11:40). The evil leader along with it's ally the U.S. most notably the U.S. navy will first invade south (as per Dan. 8:9) toward the oil states of the Arabian Peninsula; then east toward Iran; then invade the land of Israel; and "Egypt shall not escape"; but the land of Jordon "shall escape out of his hand". (Dan. 11:41-42). This war is anticipated by this website to take place directly before a Backwards-Time-Event bringing the galaxy back to Fall 2013 as the galaxy goes back in time to this time point.

War 2... This war is the War of Gog, and will take place according to this website in the Fall of year 2016. This war involves Russia with it's alliances being the nations of: Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Germany, Scandinavia, dark-skinned tribes in Arabia, and black African nations. They ensue toward Zion. Nothing but scorn for the Russian invasion comes from the nations of Jordon, and the United Kingdom nations with all it's subsidiaries of South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Yet Zion is not taken; for the Lord God magnifies Himself, and the armies fall dead upon the mountains of Israel. (ref. Ezekiel 38&39:1-5; Isaiah 34; Micah 4:11-13; Joel 2:18-32; Zephaniah 3:8).

War 3... This is the war which entails the gathering at Armageddon which will take place according to this website in Spring of 2017. This war is instigated for an attack on Jerusalem, and "the city shall be taken". This war involves "the kings of the east" packing a two hundred million man army which crosses the dried-up Euphrates River to gather at Megiddo. Other armies to make war with the Lamb include the ten kings of southern Europe (Rev. 17:13-14); the beast being stationed in the land of Shinar; and the false prophet having regrouped in the land of Shinar at this point. Also gathering at Megiddo will be all peoples of the whole world who heed the call of the "spirits like frogs...which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle..." (Rev. 16:12-16&9:13-21). With the return of Jesus Christ and his army from heaven which follow him, all who came against Jerusalem will be "slain with the sword of him...which sword proceeded out of his mouth". (Rev. 19:21). (ref. Zechariah 12&14:1-4; Joel 3).

War 4... This war entails a replay of the War of Gog which will occur one thousand years after the return of Jesus Christ according to this website in the year 3017. Satan, after being "loosed out of his prison", goes out to gather the nations again! -- to go against the saints and Jerusalem; "and fire came down from heaven, and devoured them." (Rev. 20:7-9).

All Bible quotes from KJV.
C. Sept. 2009. Published by:
Where is the Antichrist?
Revised (August 2015).