Chronology of Events: End of the Age

Order of Events

Prelude -- all dates are from the perspective after a Backwards time-event.

  Certain orchestrations must occur before the opening of the Seven Seals.

     1. The "beast" must be on the scene: this has occurred which is the current Pope
           of Rome.
     2. Ten catholic nations make an alignment with the Pope of Rome -- the "ten horns".
     3. The "transgressors" in Iraq must "come to the full" this has to occur
           before the "false prophet" is able to appear on the scene as the great
           leader -- "exceeding great".
     4. An army out of the land of Assyria most notably the Kurd army must invade
           "south" of it's position; then must invade "east"; then must head torwards
           and walk on the "pleasant land".
     5. The main instigators Britain and the U.S. Navy will be aligned with this Kurd
           army to control the area as this being the British new world vision.
     6. Egypt must attack this "king of the north" of the land of Assyria; the "king of
           the north" along with British support and the U.S. Navy must then attack Egypt.
     7. Major volcanic eruption from mount Etna. (This prediction from Bible code work).
     8. Appears to be a rivalry alien agenda involving a "host of heaven...of the stars"
           on the scene at this time; and antigravity technology.

Start of "great tribulation"

  First Ten Days from the start of the three and one-half years

   any day or season in the future as per Psalm 90:10 from when Israel became
         a nation. 
     1. Seven Seals -- opening of the seven seals: a ceremony in heaven.
     2. Backwards Event -- occurs at the time from the sixth seal to the "seven thunders"
           bringing Milky Way galaxy back to new moon conjuntion to October 5, 2013.
     3. Tishri 1st -- on October 6, 2013. (Evening before morning: starts at 6:00 P.M.
           October 5, 2013).
   in the night this is the time of the Backwards time-event
     4. Seventh Trumpet -- the beginning of the three and one-half years: the last half of
           the seventieth week of Daniel.
     5. Restrainer removed -- the time of the Rapture; the Holy Spirit is removed from
           the earth.
   in the morning still Tishri 1st (evening before morning)
     6. Abomination of Desolation -- "the beast" goes into Jewish temple in the morning of
           Tishri 1 in 2013: declares himself to be God.
   in the afternoon
     7. Two Asteroids -- the two asteroids of the second and third trumpets strike the sea
           and the earth in the afternoon of Tishri 1.
     8. Great Tribulation -- three and one-half years; will be 1290 days; this is the last
           half of Daniel's seventieth week.
     9. Tishri 10th -- on October 15, 2013.
     10. War in Heaven -- involving Satan and his angels but they will be "cast out into
            the earth" to enact the three and one-half years.
     11. Two Witnesses -- they will begin to prophecy for exactly 1260 days from suspected
            the temple mount on mount Moriah.
     12. 144,000 Jews -- the scapegoat of the "day of affliction": they get taken off
            planet to suspected the New Jerusalem which is a city of a cube of 1500 miles
            all four ways which is outside this universe which the Milky Way galaxy is the
            universe in it's entirety.

The "great tribulation"

  After first ten days -- the three and one-half years

     1. The "beast" will rule for forty-two months: initially from Rome then he moves
           to Babylon.
     2. The "false prophet" will build his seat on mount Zion.
     3. The "image of the beast" will be erected on mount Moriah at the temple site.
     4. Clean-up and repercussions from the seven seals and the seven trumpets which had
           occurred will take place for up to five months as the earth will be reeling.
           For the second and third trumpets being two asteroids: the first falling in
           the Pacific ocean; the second falling in the land of Russia.
     5. The "locusts" out of the "bottomless pit" will die after "five months" from the
           start as locust life-cycle only lasts five months: a repercussion from the
           fifth trumpet.
     6. As of the clean-up and the first five months it is believed by this website that
           the great peace of Satan will begin -- 666.
     7. Throughout the three and one-half years there will be no breaking of dawns; the
           earth will be hazy and somewhat darkened: the dawns will in affect be dusks.
     8. "That great city" will be a coastal city it will be the city of Dubai.
     9. The war of "Gog" will begin a few months before the end of the three and one-half
           years which because of a backwards time event the defeat of Gog will be on
           November 29, 2016.  Gog is the angel Satan his seat being in the Volga area in
           Russia for this is where his seat is as it cannot be Zion.
     10. The seven vials will begin to be poured also on November 29, 2016 each being
            poured twenty days apart up to the 1290th day which is the end which is
            April 17, 2017 -- this is the clensing.
     11. The call for gathering at Megiddo will begin sometime in March 2017 because of
            the sixth vial to gather the world for the great battle of "Armageddon".
     12. Sometime directly after March 27, 2017 the ten catholic nations of southern
            Europe being under the Pope of Babylon being "the beast" will nuke "that
            great city" "burn her with fire" -- the city of Dubai.
     13. The Battle of Armageddon will occur sometime in April before April 17, 2017.

All Bible quotes from KJV.
C. October 2016. Published by Where is the Antichrist?