Satanic Trinity--
The godhead of the beast

In the endtimes, the satanic godhead is represented by four beasts, and a dragon. The mock of the Holy Trinity goes as follows:

The beast would parallel the Father -- the first beast.
The Image of the beast would parallel the Son.
Satan would parallel the Holy Spirit; Satan being the dragon.

The false prophet would parallel Elijah the prophet -- the second beast.

The beast "out of the bottomless pit" goes into perdition. This beast is the angel Apollyon being the angel of the bottomless pit; he being an angel of Satan which is implied was the angel over the Roman Empire and, subsequently, in charge of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is implied because of Revelation 17:8-10 -- Rome is to revive for a "short space".

Where does Apollyon fit into the satanic trinity? The man of the beast which is a man will be a head of stature based in Rome; he receives a deadly wound and comes back to life. It is at this point that the angel Apollyon is released from the bottomless pit by one of the angels of God. Apollyon then possesses the man of the beast which causes him to come back to life. At this point, the man of the beast is referred to as "that man of sin...the son of perdition". The phrase "son of perdition" has only been used to refer to one other man -- Judas Iscariot who was possessed by the angel Satan at the Last Supper. (John 13:27, 17:12). It is apparent that Apollyon will be in charge of this revived Roman Empire for three and one-half years, and that Apollyon himself is responsible for killing the two witnesses of God at the end of the three and one-half years as in Rev. 11:7.

The four beasts

1st beast -- the beast; he is a man. (2 Thessalonians 2:3-8, Revelation 13:1-8 & 17:8-13, Daniel chap. 7).
2nd beast -- the false prophet; "exceeding great". (2 Thessalonians 9-10, Revelaton 13:11-16, Daniel chap. 8 & 11).
The beast "out of the bottomless pit" -- this beast is the angel Apollyon, "the angel of the bottomless pit". (Revelation 9:11). Apollyon being a high-ranking angel of Satan who was imprisoned by God. This beast also becomes the eighth kingdom upon the earth constituting the endtime 666--Beast System.
The image of the beast -- this image is created by a deceived host of people in Jerusalem who get deceived by the great signs and wonders of the False Prophet as in Rev. 13:13-15.

The first beast is based in Rome but at some point he moves to the land of Shinar (Iraq) to build his house presumably Babylon. (Zechariah 5:11) . This because a rogue asteroid of about thirty feet by fifteen feet in todays mearsurements hits and destroys the Vatican City in the city of Rome. (Zechariah 5:2-4). The second beast will eventially base himself on Mount Zion after the sixth seal. The image of the beast will be based at the temple site on Mount Moriah. The angel Apollyon will possess the man of the beast and, subsequently, be head over the revived Roman Empire eventually based in Babylon.

Verses as reference

2 Thessalonians 2:3-10
Revelation chapter 13
Revelation 17:8-18
Matthew 24:15
Daniel 11:45
Malachi 3:1 & 4:5

All Bible quotes from KJV.
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Where is the Antichrist?
Revised (August 2015).