Dark News

***charm -- "...a quality or feature in someone or something that attracts or delights people...to attract or please greatly; enchant; allure; fascinate; delight--to practice magic--to be charming; please greatly". (Webster's New World Dictionary, 1982.)
**psychopath -- "Considerable superficial charm and average or above average intelligence; unreliability; disregard for obligations; no sense of responsibility in matters of little and great import; untruthfulness and insincerity; poor judgment and failure to learn from experience; pathological egocentricity; total self-centeredness; incapacity for real love and attachment; general poverty of deep and lasting emotions; lack of any true insight; inability to see oneself as others do; a complete lack of conscience." (unknown).

Surveillance in U.S.--(Outdated information)
Subject is John Negroponte: Elected as National Intelligence Director in April, 2005; and confirmed by the Senate 98 to 2. The person is shadowed with blatant black operations, and "death squads" dating back long years as is reported in his dossier at: (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Negroponte#). Since, Negroponte has been promoted to Deputy Secretary of State in February of 2007 thru the Bush administration.

Subject number two is General Michael Hayden: Former head of the National Security Agency was promoted as the Bush administration's new CIA Director with confirmation by the Senate of 78 to 15 in May, 2006. The person is a bastion of secrecy as current news reveals secret CIA torture prisons in certain countries; illegal surveillance on U.S. citizens; and, also, the secrecy of the NSA itself: all of which are known by he himself.

Movie Warnings

NOTE: Discern the agenda.

Pulp Fiction (1994)--movie was aimed at age group born from 1946 to 1964 (babyboom generation). The movie's sinister agenda seeks to change one thing, and that is STYLE; not necessarily that of clothes; very subtle.
In the Line of Fire (1993)--underneath the guise, this movie also hits on particular style.
Forest Gump (1994)--aimed at same generation as above; gets rid of any dreams or aspirations.
Enemy of the State (1998)--review picked up on a bad seed fact; for you may no longer be one.
The Sixth Sense (1999)--the theme projects the belief of a natural life after death.
Gladiator (2000)--seeks to show o.k. to be gladiator as long as your not a racist.
The Ring (2002)--apparently sinister.
Cloud Atlas (2012)--takes up from 1994 showing the agenda; aimed at babyboom generation: if only there was anything to say thus the AGENDA.
The Last Stand (2013)--aimed at babyboom generation; for even as the AGENDA was successful this BEING the last stand.

Discern the agenda: for as the babyboom generation -- the tail wagged the dragon. The tail was the Industry.

WARNING--films put out by production company Dreamworks should not be seen despite any hysteria--HARM. Two of films listed above by that company: Gladiator; The Ring. The company is notoriously out for folly; from this website not any film by this company has been seen excepting "Gladiator" one of it's first. How can one not see one of it's films?

U.S. Mind Control

It is evident that the U.S. government, and certain private groups are using particular types of mind control on the U.S. populace. They are able to mimic the human brainwave signals, and send them via satellite into any targeted subject. The brainwave of the targeted subject is mapped according to it's signature precise "voltage evoked potentials" which is what gives each human his particular movements, and mannerisms. In this way, the targeted subject can be locked via satellite with a continuous microwave signal modulated with human brainwave signal. In this way, the signal can be changed; and AMPLIFIED to affect, and distort the very behavior of the target.

Not only can single targets be subjected to the microwave accuracy, but whole areas can also be blanketed. Also, the microwave band is able to pick-up the subjects signals, and is able to know what the subject is seeing, and thinking in real time. In this way, a two-way band is opened between the satellite and the subject. THE FBI DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THIS TECHNOLOGY. This technology is being used by satanic groups within the U.S.; and the Industry.
Click here for link on subject: www.surveillanceissues.com.

The 11:11 Prophecies of Satan

It is a wonder how this information is out there in such subtle ways, but it is; and to see how it is asserted:
Truly amazing, within a matter of a minute, Satan can inject his plan for the time of his age. Ever wondered how the leaders of the U.S. have some certain drive; like something is ongoing-- like they're waiting.

Satan's Plan?--The start date is: 1/11/1992.
Divide 21 by 11 equals: 1.909090909...
Increment this number with the start date, and you get the eleven gates of Satan. The end date, supposedly, to be at the end of December, 2012. Pure numerology; purely satanic, but in such a flash it is out there. And to wonder if it is what guides the made-up drama.

Terrorist Group Conspiracy

Subject: The IRA (1969); Hamas (1989) ; Al-Qaeda (1988).
Believe it, or not, these three terrorist groups were created, and are now fiananced by yours truly: British Intelligence; the Mossad; and the CIA. Although documentation rarely exist, this is the accusation. Using their own shadowy groups and people, these intelligence agencies put into motion the construction of these terrorist groups. Once the terrorist groups are manifested the intelligence agencies then have a declared group to play off of knowing that their worst enemy would be a popular uprising. But not only to play off, these three agencies both supply, and fianance these terrorist groups to kill their own people. The goal works threefold: to induce fear into their own country; put the focus on the terrorist group; and then to subdue the population of both their own country, and the nation of the terrorist group. Behind these three intelligence agencies almost always are the Zionists--failed agenda.

Male Trees--agenda

A few years ago--CBS evening news did story on the high-ratio of pollen count within many U.S. cities. Story showed high pollen count caused by absolute predominate use of male trees in the landscaping of U.S. cities. The last scene of the story showed a tree with lavender fruit which fell on concrete underneath. But it could be much more sinister: it could be pure lunacy-- an attempt of confusion.

From another article: "In the past, cities, counties, park departments, state agencies, Federal agencies, all of them have been planting trees and shrubs with little or no regard to allergies. In many, if not most, cases, they have been planting heavy pollen-producing plant materials over and over, year after year...Many cities now have absurdly high numbers of these allergenic male trees." (www.allergyfree-gardening.com/welcome.php).

War of Gog and Magog (not imminent on the horizon)

First, noting of what "Gog" and "Magog" are actually referring to: As noting of Gog that the use of "chief prince" as used in Ezekiel chapter 38 is used in the Bible to refer to angelic beings. On Magog, it refers to the area around the Volga river in present day Russia; and appears to be as a seat of Satan like Zion is the "holy mountain" of the Lord (Joel 3:17).

Before this war occurs a few things are required to come to pass: One being the opening of the Seven Seals which all occur at the start of the end of the age. Also, at this start of the end the antichrist will perform his armed invasion, and overthrow many of the middle eastern countries; ALSO, the nation of Israel will accept this antichrist as their False Prophet, and the "abomination of desolation" will occur. The War with Gog does NOT occur until a time after the seventh trumpet, and a time before the first vial judgment which seems to occur about seven months or less before the very end which the end is at the seventh vial which is, in fact, the 1260th day from the midpoint when "It is done".

It will be before the first vial judgment at the time of Gog that the "fury" of the Lord will come up to save Zion. Also, it will be this war of Gog that is focused specifically against Zion, and IS NOT the specified Battle of Armageddon which is the war against the Lord Jesus Christ and his army which actually takes place after the 1260th day and before the 1290th day.

Placements for the intricate prophecies can be substantiated in:
For Gog--Isaiah 34; Ezekiel 38 & 39:1-16; Joel 2:18-21; Joel 3:1-17; Zechariah 12; Revelation 14:9-20 & 15:1-8.
For Antichrist--see False Prophet section in Bible Site above; Daniel 8:9-27 & 11:36-45. Noting that Daniel 11:21-35 is referring to Antiochus IV only while the deutercanonical Books of the Machabees take up from that point.
For Armageddon--Isaiah; Ezekiel 39:17-29; Zechariah 14; Revelation 19 & 16:12-16.
For Locust (demonic) army--Joel 1 & 2:1-11; probably same locust army as Revelation 9:1-12, but in Joel it occurs about 7 months til the end.
Sign of Jesus in the clouds--Matthew 24:30; Mark 13:26; Luke 21:27. There is a sign of Jesus at the sixth seal; but Jesus does not physically return to earth until after the seventh vial.

IN ADDITION: What about the use of "Gog and Magog" at the end of Revelation 20:8??
This is a very interesting question because it appears what happens with the war of Gog as stated above BEFORE Christ' return is that the God of all puts hooks into the jaws of Satan, and pulls him as to saying come on--come on--come on as if pulling him. But in Revelation 20:8 which is AFTER the one-thousand year reign of Christ, Satan is loosed out of the bottomless pit. Satan is loosed and sees, or doesn't see, or whatever; but he goes out to do it again!! -- "Gog and Magog".

The Shadow Government

Basically, there are two groups of the shadow government. They are both working toward a New World Order; they are based in America, Britain, and Europe; and they both have their own workings for their end goal. They both are infested with Zionist Jews; they are:

Neo-con fascists--Their life-blood is the world's oil, and the Industry; their goal is the control of the world's oil by means of war for the enhancement of the New World Order. They were infested in the Bush administration, and the Pentagon of the U.S. government; and in the military industrial complex of military defense contracts. Their home is in the U.S. and Britain; they are infested with satanism.
International Bankers--Their life-blood is wealth; their goal is world communism by means of indoctrination of the world's populace for the New World Order. They controlled the Clinton administration, and U.S. government agencies; and all the universities all over the world. They are concentrated in the U.S., Britain, and Europe; they are high order degrees of the occult.

Evidence of the shadow government: Oklahoma City bombing of the Murray building was carried out by the shadow government; NOT Timothy McVeigh. The Ryder truck of Timothy McVeigh exploded some distance in front of the building; the Murray building of Oklahoma City housing various Federal agencies including the FBI and ATF (none of which showed up for work that day), was demoled by the shadow government for the slow enhancement for more government control of the U.S. populace. The 911 event was a satanic ritual of the shadow government using foreign "black operatives" as a cover which some attended the University of Oklahoma and seemed to coordinate for commercial airlines to crash into the Word Trade Center Towers; then the shadow government dewmoled the Towers. Also, as Oklahoma City was neutralized earlier, and evidently with good compensation (just stay silent); and as an aside, as reported in the following highlighted article, Nick Berg, the now deceased captive, and Zacarias Moussaoui, a purported highjacker, also attended the University of Oklahoma at the same time, and knew each other (www.rense.com/general53/911BER.HTM). Why is the shadow government giving a 911 eulogy? Just sleep.

"Most of us were led to believe that communism and capitalism was in a contest for world dominion. In reality the communist powers were being funded by international banks and the wealthy elite of the world. Why would bankers and the wealthy elite fund communism? Because what they want, ultimately, is a totalitarian world." (www.satansgovernment.com/book.php?book=77&chapter=9).

The FBI has committed treason against the U.S.
They are base; they protect the criminal syndicate; they are members; they are subordinate; they aren't really for YOU.
It should be disbanded; it was out for folly from the beginning.

The Choice of Energy

Coal; Natural Gas; Timber; Wind Power; Dams; Solar -- what is it about the foreign OIL? Actually, the U.S. could use oil, a huge oil find just occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2004, and Alaska is said to have much oil. Middle East oil -- buy it, not steal it, may not need it-- the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to the U.S.?

What about bio-fuels--using farm land! Pure greed.

Greenhouse gases--"Greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone...The major natural greenhouse gases are water vapor, which causes about 36-70% of the greenhouse effect on Earth (not including clouds); carbon dioxide, which causes 9-26%; methane, which causes 4-9%, and ozone, which causes 3-7%." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenhouse_gas).

Nuclear Power--IT PUTS OUT WATER VAPOR causing the earth to warm in the long term? Nuclear power has the worst greenhouse gas.
16% of the world's electricity comes from nuclear power; "the U.S.(the most), France, and Japan together account for 57% of all nuclear generated electricity...There are 435 nuclear power reactors in operation in the world, operating in 31 different countries." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_power).
Nuclear power IS NOT part of the natural balance of the earth; it is a UNIVERSAL ELEMENT.
Maybe, if the heat source from the nuke plants is turned off the atmosphere would drastically change; and you would all DIE.

World coal reserves--the U.S. has largest coal reserves in the world; Russia and China are next highest.
"Cold ocean waters absorb lightweight C12 preferentially, resulting in lots of C13-deficient carbon in the oceans...Less than a thousandth of the plant-based carbon on earth is bound up in fossil fuel. The rest of the huge remaining tonnages of plant-based carbon are diffused through the oceans, the forests, the grasslands and the soil." (http://www.counterpunch.org/cockburn05262007.html).
Subsequently, if the oceans warm, the "C13 deficeint carbon" which turns into carbon dioxide would be released in huge amounts, and also other gases from dead matter from the warmer oceans.
Plants absorb carbon dioxide.
Volcanic eruptions--"The most abundant gas typically released into the atmosphere from volcanic systems is water vapor (H20), followed by carbon dioxide (C02) and sulfur dioxide (S02). Volcanoes also release smaller amounts of others gases, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen chloride (HCL), hydrogen fluoride (HF), and helium (He)." (http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/Hazards/What/VolGas/volgas.html).

The oil mafia--they want to control the oil reserves which have to be imported much like the ruling drug cartels.

But on the current agenda--the oil:
"...when you burn fossil fuels to produce electricity, and then transmit that electricity over thousands of miles of aluminum cable to someone's house, just so he can have an electric light bulb instead of an oil lamp, that is stupid, especially when you consider that an incandescent light bulb is only 5% efficient in producing light and 95% of the energy is wasted as heat. Why not just burn the oil in an oil lamp in the first place?" (www.satansgovernment.com/book.php?book=77&chapter=58).

CONCLUSION: Nuclear power is of the universe; fossil fuels are an integral part of the earth.

The World Checks the U.S. -- the Dollar & Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons

What are the plans by the New World Order for the U.S., and it's 300 million diverse population; and what are electro-magnetic pulse weapons:
"Chinese banks now hold nearly $1 trillion, which is the highest reserve position in the world, having passed Japan this year with some $865 billion."

"An EMP attack will damage all electrical grids on the US mainland. It will disable computers and other similar electronic devices with microchips. Most businesses and industries will shut down. The entire US economy will practically grind to a halt. Satellites within line of sight of the EMP burst will also be damaged, adversely affecting military command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR). Land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles will be rendered unserviceable in their silos. Anti-ballistic missile defenses will suffer the same fate. In short total blackout. And American society as we know it will be thrown back to the Dark Ages."

"...China and Russia are two potential US adversaries that have the capability for this kind of attack." (www.atimes.com/atimes/China/HJ19Ad01.html).

The Seinfeld Debacle

It shouldn't be discarded that the whole current debacle involving the Seinfeld actor is a pure Jewish psyop for making a new relationship with African-Americans; and within the new dominant Democratic party. This is typical Jewish trickery to better itself for position. Not to mention that the whole Seinfeld show itself is loaded with subliminal messages even at it's front. Anyone who even put's their eyes on the show will be getting more than they bargained for. Every photo opportunity of the show's characters are laced with subliminal messages as is revealed from other known sources.

The Proposed American Hegemony -- New World Order!

Their Sick Dream--To conquer all the oil reserves from Egypt all the way to Pakistan.

Their Proposition--That the U.S. gets in control of all the Middle East oil reserves from eventually to Egypt all the way to Pakistan. From here the U.S. would continue it's trade with China, and all it's current east Asian countries. China could get it's oil from Russia while Japan could continue to get it's oil from the Persian Gulf, and then Venezuela.
The Winners--The U.S. gets the new oil assets; China continues huge economic growth; Japan and all east Asia benefit; Russia sells oil and continues growth; Britain and it's subsidiaries benefit; Israel.
The Losers--All the Middle East and Southwest Asian countries; Southern Europe; Africa; Possibly Latin and South America; Citizens of the world.

This is what the U.S. should do as the true alternative:

The Propostion--The U.S. should forget about it's conquest of the Middle East; the U.S. should turn inward--concentrate on the other forms of energy which are all viable; construct railways with less use for automobiles; increase the anti-trust against the American capitalists; use necessary manufacturing; TRADE; eliminate monopoly farming; monopoly distribution and wholesale put into question; trade--not comparative advantage run amok, but bilateral.

The U.S. -- Strange Harlot

This is a description in Ezekiel chapter sixteen of the moral state of Jerusalem before the Babylonian destruction. It is absolutely heart wrenching from a God who states: "As I live, saith the Lord". The city is remembered at it's birth: that the mother was a Hittite; and the father was an Amorite. Here, though, Jerusalem is a different kind of harlot:

"But as a wife that committeth adultery, which taketh strangers instead of her husband! They give gifts to all whores: but thou givest thy gifts to all thy lovers, and hirest them, that they may come unto thee on every side for thy whoredom. And the contrary is in thee from other women in thy whoredoms, whereas none followeth thee to commit whoredoms: and in that thou givest a reward, and no reward is given unto thee, therefore thou art contrary." (Ezekiel 16:32-34).

Secret Societies -- "And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel was there, according to the vision that I saw in the plain...And he brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. Then said he unto me, Son of man, dig now in the wall: and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold ************
*********" (Ezekiel 8:4 & 8:7-10).

The Ultimate Deception

For at least the last sixty years there have been rumors going around, and increasing that real aliens have come to earth, and are secretly dealing with certain governments in the world including the U.S. This looks to be the case, but with huge twist.

The rumors are stating that there are both malevolent, and a benevolent force of aliens: the malevolent aliens being from the star group Orion around Betelgeuse; and the benevolent aliens being from the star group Pleiades. One main rumor comes from James Casbolt, an ex-MI6 British Intelligence, that malevolent aliens called "Greys" took over by force the secret underground U.S. base in Dulce, New Mexico in 1979, and still retain it today. And the most alarming aspect of this is that the "greys" are conducting experiments on human abductees; and the U.S. government knew about the "greys" in the 1950's. Also, that it could be possible that both the fascism of Bush and the British Tony Blair are in league with the "greys" for a certain agenda. (jamescasbolt.com/future.htm).

As for the Pleiadians, "According to the teachings of the Pleiadians, humanity stands at the threshold of a quantum leap of evolution that will abolish religious and government systems as we know them." (Chuck Missler, "Alien Encounters", p. 148, 1997).

This being the ultimate setup for mankind that really neither of the groups of aliens are from where they state, but that they are types of embodied entities working for Satan and his angels that will instigate the ultimate deception in the end time.

Mind Control Part II

The magnetic field around your head; your individual signature; body/mind control is here in the U.S. The signal technology is said to be able to affect universally, or specify even ethnic, or gender for mind control. Also, the signal technology gets even more sinister. It is said to work in that a seed gets planted in a specific area of the populace through particular movies, television, or radio on a mass scale. This is conditioning, or preconditioning of the subjects in question to be open for the reception. Then at some point after the seed has been planted, the signal is continuously let out into the airwaves--from here it's Pandora's box opened.

However, no preconditioning, or seed is required on matters of open reception. The blatant signals above the threshold can be rejected, but if they are amplified they will cause torment, and struggle of either the body or mind depending on the signal. The signals below the threshold can be subconsciously rejected except that trickery often prevails. Amplified signals will prevail in mind by causing torment; in body, amplified signals seem to prevail eventually when they are continuous. It all depends on the AGENDA.

The users of the technology are depraved psychopaths who themselves were likely molded for abuse, or offshoots from sinister or alien U.S. government black-ops programs. Also, in such cases as the Natalie Holloway case, or the Andrea Yates case, or Elizabeth Smart, mind control is always suspect: the result of a psychopathic mind. What are they capable of: Timothy McVeigh even willingly, or unwittingly mind-controlled, but not even responsible for the demol of the Murray Building; the Snipers in Maryland and Virginia both being trained in secret government programs in Washington state, and the pattern of their killings in the predicted form of a skull; or the intricacy of the 911 flight highjackings in which the buildings were DEMOLED anyway; all orchestrated through the airwaves for duped recipients of mind control.

Iraq War

The Iraqis could naturally gather some kind of armed resistance to counter the offender militants rounding up groups of people and assassinating them; but the typical U.S. policy at the very beginning was to confiscate all their guns: piles of guns confiscated and sold (stolen) to the U.S. army all for death squads to have their way; thus more news for the U.S. to stay. Corruption in the U.S. trained Iraqi army works against the townspeople in which this is the worst of situations the U.S. is now causing. Meaning the true U.S. agenda is to stay in Iraq while the current Iraqi population seeks to emigrate, and is displaced as the U.S. patiently awaits using delaying tactics; and a genocide and attrition is carried out -- pure British/American imperialism.

The 33rd Degree Line

33rd degree latitude in the northern hemisphere--Phoenix (33`26'); Mount Graham Arizona Vatican Observatory (32`42'); Roswell (33`23'); Trinity Site New Mexico (33`40'); Dallas (32`48'); George Bush Highway Dallas (33`00'); Birmingham (33`31'); Atlanta (33`45'); Bermuda (32`19); San Diego (32`43); Porto Santo (32`40'); Dar-el-Beida (33`36'); Tarabulus (32`52'); Beirut (33`53'); Golan Heights (32`58'); Damascus (33`32'); Baghdad (33`18'); Iran; Afghanistan; Pakistan; Tibet; Nagasaki (32`45'); Hiroshima (34`23').

33rd degree latitude in the southern hemisphere--Santiago (33`26'); Rosario (32`56'); Cape town (33`56'); Sydney (33`53).

The Phoenix Lights occurred on March 13, 1997. In the occult practice of numerology, by adding all the numbers of the date (3/13/1997): [3 + (1+3) + (1+9+9+7)] = 33.
The 33rd parallel a place of occult energy? Answer obscure.

The Possible Nuke Scenario?

1. Three U.S. cities get nuked at some point to shore up martial law if at all possible. None on the east coast; closer to Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, or maybe Los Angeles, or Atlanta.
2. Martial Law if that is possible.
3. War in the Middle East to enact Satan's power grab.

911 Terror--What really happened.

All four aircrafts: flights #77AA-757, #93UA-757, #175UA-767, #11AA-767, did not crash anywhere on 911, but landed safely at one or two designated airports. Both United Airlines flights #93 and #175 were purported to have secretly landed at the Cleveland International Airport in which the passengers were said to have been herded to the NASA Reserch Center stationed at the airport. The passengers are still missing with only some speculation except HERE: they were most likely taken down into the underground secret tunnels! As for the flights American Airlines #77 and #11 it is unknown where they landed--they could have also landed at Cleveland International Airport, or speculation of Yeager Airport in secluded West Virginia, or Harrisburg International Airport has been speculated, or Dulles International Airport, or an airforce base. Since it is said that 200 passengers were herded to the Nasa Research Center at the Cleveland airport, and the total passengers of all the flights were 198 (231 including crew), then this is most likely where all of the passengers ended up.

Marvin Bush--was on board of directors of the security firm charged with security at Dulles International Airport, World Trade Center, and of United Airlines from 1993 to June 2000; also of Los Alamos National Laboratories.
This being wrong about the 911 happening as the true excerpt for this is also on the website at: The Truth--911

What about the two planes that hit the World Trade Center--Planes indeed, they were both evidently E8-C joint stars airforce aircraft which are actually modified 707 passenger aircraft, but which were modified to appear as a 767 because of the DRILL operation being conducted by the airforce on the very same day: to appear like one 767-American Airlines aircraft, and one 767-United Airlines aircraft. These both could have taken off from an airforce base since the airforce was in a drill, and in standdown. Once all four aircraft were in the air, it appears the operation was coordinated by computer as to the timing of the tranponder cutoffs of the passenger airlines, and the takeoff times of the two E8-C airforce aircraft which both crashed into the World Trade Center.

What about the phone calls--they were hoaxed.

What about Flight #93--the one that crashed in Philadelphia with the guy saying "lets roll". No 757 ever crashed at the proposed crash site in Pennsylvannia. The guy who was suppossed to have said "lets roll" was a hoaxed phone call.

What about Flight #77--the one that hit the Pentagon. Most of the whole world knows that no 757 aircraft ever hit the Pentagon.

They lied about it because they didn't know-- the shadow government; combination of neo-conservative Republicans; dual Israeli/American citizens; and Israeli Mossad agents: all for the ultimate end for orchestrating the goals of the Illuminati composed of the satanist/Zionist plan for the New World Order with their pseudo new Jerusalem as their center. Click here for link listing of the liars because they didn't know.

As a side note, without proof of evidence, it was Mossad agents who murdered the also suspected Mossad agent, Chandra Levy in the Spring of 2001 because of the information she was purported to have found out.

The U.S. President is a SATANIST

This is part of a speech given by Bush sometime after 911:

At the very first he is referring to the duped "highjackers"; but then it changes--he then begins referring to what was behind them which was the "cult of evil" which he is referring to them--the cult of evil which also is him. This recording takes a few seconds to load:
Bush Speaks of Evil
(recording from "911 The Road to Tyranny" film, 2002).

The Zionists Smorgasbord


It is not only by pure money and power -- it's devious clever manipulation that a group of Zionists can manage to encourage the picks; and then get the final. From the candidates Huckabee to Obahma to Romney to Edwards to McCain: Why did they really run? and the motivation of their drive?? -- if it's not for the Zionists (the betterment of Israel). Megalomania and orchestration, although flukes do occur. And the endorsements: all the guiding; and the alternative paths -- devious. Really?

The Montauk Boys & Monarch

The Montauk Boys are said to be missing boys (milk carton missing) mainly blond-haired and blue-eyed used by the "secret government" in secret underground bases in the 1970's and 80's. The "secret government" consisting of certain universities and high-tech companies on the east coast; and of NASA and the Military Industrial Complex.
To review more: one link to article Operation Monarch; and two excerpt recordings below:

Two following excerpts are [from Intervision, Inc., 2000 (www.bielek.com/index.htm)--CD interviews about the "Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Survivors"]. These two short recordings take a few seconds to load:
Al Bielek interviewed
Interviewer Michael Houtzager with Al Bielek.

Preston Nichols interviewed
Interviewer Michael Houtzager with Preston Nichols.

The Changing Sun?

Don't think this is right as of yet as the Moon was on target a few years ago in a lunar eclipse, but it is assured the earth will wobble in the future. (Isaiah 24:20).
As is suggested the Sun could be setting in the northwest and rising in the northeast it then being much more north. From the city of Dallas in Texas, the sun always rises or sets south of the city of Dallas. This could at some point no longer be the case for the sun could be both rising and setting much far northern of the city of Dallas. Reports have it that both the earthquake in Indonesia in December of 2004 which caused the tidal wave, and the earthquake also in Indonesia in December of 2006 caused the earth to wobble on it's axis. This showing that the earth has moved from it's regular 23.5 degrees tilt.
(Information attained out of book "The Return of Planet-X" by Rand, Jaysen Q., 2007).

2010 SCENARIO ONE -- Fascist takeover of the U.S. peoples government? (outdated).

When--suspecting sometime after 2010 elections.
Where--continental U.S. affecting all U.S.
How--suspect three nuclear bombs set off in three U.S. cities.
Who--Israeli Mossad uses three nuclear bombs manufactured in Israel (blame on terrorists).
Main Splendor--the finessing of Martial Law on defunct U.S. Populace.
Main Goal--to attack Iran; to control all area from Egypt all the way to Pakistan.

SCENARIO TWO -- Communist takeover of the U.S. populace. (outdated).

When--suspecting sometime in 2010.
Where--affecting entire planet population.
What--bio-terrorism of a virus.
Who--the obscure wing of the Left.
Main Splendor--all the dead bodies and grand logistics.
Main Goal--to control all area from Egypt all the way to Pakistan.

This is the suspicion: these psychopaths don't care about the U.S. or liberty--this is their satanic dream. THE RYDER TRUCK DIDN'T DEMOLISH THE OKLAHOMA CITY MURRAY BUILDING; nor DID 767'S AND 757'S DEMOLISH the World Trade Center buildings ON 911.
These are the "masters of disguise" putting on their dazzling display.
Who are they--they are the Industry in the U.S. and Britain; mama's boys types; puppets of the Illuminati.
The Result--it is suspected they will have a few more intitial "successes", but, as ascribed, after the present order breakdown the commerce and new laws will be absorbed including the House of Rothschild by the reinstituting of a new revived Roman Empire (see "Judgment of the Great Whore" at bottom of page). As a side note: "During the 1600's, the Venetian fondi were transferred north, often to the Bank of Amsterdam, and later to the newly founded Bank of England" which rule the world today. (www.abjpress.com/tarpv5.html). Also, as from the reference below, "the Vatican of the Roman Church was not fighting against the debt-looting of the international banks (the Venetian and Floretine banks) then as it is today; in fact, at that time it was allied with, aiding, and abetting them." (american_almanac.tripod.com/pbgbardi.htm).

But this is not all for another stage is occurring--it is "Mystery Babylon"--the Dubai World--"that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness!" (Rev. 18:19).

And still, from the land of Assyria as ascribed: "when the transgressors (the U.S.) are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up." (Daniel 8:23). (see "False Prophet--Antichrist" in INDEX above for more info.).

The U.S. Bailout plan of 2008 and the Illuminati's True Intentions

Why doesn't the U.S. just bailout the FDIC instead of the zionist bank lords. The answer is because these bankers intend to keep the current system operating for a another short period.

What congress should really do is bailout the FDIC, give government incentives to start drive production in WINDMILLS, SOLAR, even as the U.S. UTILIZE it's own Gulf and Alaskan oil reserves, and coal; also with government regulation of the rails -- there is a place for government, why always a private banker.

The Illuminati's true intensions--to stop all progress in the U.S. and Europe, and subjugate the people under their control; and then control the world, and instigate the secret occult world of the secret government. As stated in the book "The Bilderberg Group" in referring to the Bilderberg "One World vision": ""A Zero-Growth Society--In a post-industrial period, zero growth will be necessary to destroy vestiges of general prosperity...Prosperity and progress make it impossible to implement repression, and you need repression if you hope to divide society into owners and slaves." (Estulin, Daniel The Bilderberg Group, 2007, p. 42).

Antiochus Epiphanes

"And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries...And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people. He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time..." (Daniel 11:21,23&24).

In these verses, Antiochus Epiphanes also known as Antiochus IV, becomes king of the Assyrian portion (Seleucid part--the king of north) of the divided Greek Empire by devise of flattery. Antiochus IV tricks the elite who got him elected, and becomes strong with an underclass; he then takes from the upscale and spreads the wealth.

In veses 26-30, Antiochus IV stirs up to war with Egypt; the king of Egypt (the king of the south), in turn, stirs up to war, but those at his (king of Egypt) own table perform a coup. Then Egypt goes to the peace table with Antiochus IV to divert a war, but Antiochus IV eventually returns to go to war with Egypt, but the ships of Chittim (Roman power from Cyprus) stop him.

"And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate. And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries..." (Daniel 11:31&32).

In these verses, after being turned away from Egypt, Antiochus IV turns his indignation torward the "holy covenant" and desecrates the altar in Jerusalem; and corrupts by flatteries those that agree. In this, is where the Jewish festival Hanuka comes out of in the rededication of the Temple.

In verses 32b-35 is a perfect description of the Jewish Maccabeans revolt: "...but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits." (Daniel 11:32b).

AFTER VERSE DANIEL 11:35 you can stop reading, for after this verse from Daniel 11:36 thru verse 11:45 is specifically referring to ANTICHRIST, and his exploits soon to begin: and the "many ships" of verse 40 being of the U.S. Navy. The Antichrist being an Assyrian also described in Daniel 8:9-14 and Daniel 8:23-25.

Satanic Heist

The Senator Obama did NOT win one big state in the Democratic Primary against Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton WON New York, California, Texas, Florida which did not count, and Ohio and Pennsylvania!

That seems almost impossible, but it happened.

Exemplarily yours brought to you by:

George Soros -- "the Anglo-Dutch controlled international drug-cartels, typified by British intelligence's George Soros' financial operations based among his many roosts from around the world, such as his havens in the Dutch Antilles, and his top-down control over Howard Dean's Democratic Party today." (larouchepac.com/news/2008/10/28/new-dark-age-now-near-todays-brutish-imperialism.html).

Felix Rohatyn -- born in Austria; Jewish; lived in France from 1934 to 1942; an international banker; and "Nazi Collaborator" which "Rohatyn is an extension of the 1930s and 1940s Nazi operations inside France, operations finance, known then and now as the Synarchist international." (larouchepub.com/other/2006/3324_rohatyn_french.html & wikipedia/Rohatyn).

Austan Goolsbee -- "besides Rohatyn, is Obama's top economics controller, Austan Goolsbee, a sinister Skull & Bones, Friedmanite Chicago School free trade/free market economist." (rense.com/general80/sor.htm).


The G20 nations should declare CERTAIN particular industries as vital to a nation's sovereignty, and that any protectionist policies would be allowed on any declared industry as that nation desires. Such policies as: tariffs or subsidies would be allowed, ususally not quotas as they are inefficient. The rest of the undeclared industries would be under free trade rules while the DECLARED protected industries would be under BILATERAL TRADE procedures-- this being real trade. Autos, textiles, farm products, agriculture, and others of the like. Trade wars would happen, but economics says a balance would occur with other markets for choice. And why would the U.S. be afraid anyway unless the agenda of the Illuminati is what really rules.


BLACKJACK: It is interesting to note of what could be the origins of the game Blackjack on the number twenty-one in that this is a theory of work for this website. That the game is the origin of the twenty-one angels that sinned in the old time before the Flood of Noah. That Satan intentionally came up with the game for a teaching of all who would follow him, men and angels, in remembrance of the consequences of GOING OVER. That these twenty-one angels are listed in the Book of Enoch as follows: "After this judgment they shall be astonished and irritated; for it shall be exhibited to the inhabitants of the earth. Behold the names of those angels. These are their names. The first of them is Samyaza; the second, Arstikapha: the third, Armen; the fourth, Kakabael; the fifth, Turel; the sixth, Rumyel; the seventh, Danyal; the eighth, Kael; the ninth, Barakel; the tenth, Azazel; the eleventh, Armers; the twelfth, Bataryal; the thirteenth, Basasael; the fourteenth, Ananel; the fifteenth, Turyal; the sixteenth, Simapiseel; the seventeenth, Yetarel; the eighteenth, Tumael; the nineteenth, Tarel; the twentieth, Rumel; the twenty-first, Azazyel." (2 Enoch 68:1-2). Interestingly, five chiefs of angels are listed one thru five direcly after this verse being chiefs of hundreds, and of fifties, and of tens, but, interesting, Satan does not intend them to be guilty of the bust.

"He sat upon the throne of his glory; and the principal part of the judgment was assigned to him, the Son of man. Sinners shall disappear and perish from the face of the earth, while those who seduced them shall be bound with chains for ever. According to their ranks of corruption shall they be imprisoned, and all their works shall disappear from the face of the earth; nor thenceforward shall there be any to corrupt; for the Son of man has been seen, sitting on the throne of his glory." (2 Enoch 68:39-40).

(The Book of Enoch translated by Richard Laurence).

Two Subjects: Iran & Universal Heathcare

Iran--The long-term strategy with Iran should have been one of deterrence which states in the event that Iran ever used a nuclear weapon, Iran would cease to exist as a nation. Nuclear technology is bad in itself, but it was given by the U.S. and Russia to nations like Israel and Iran. Deterrence works, and if not, then so be it: this the price for a non-tyrannical world. The fact of the matter is that the U.S. and Britain had decided on a long-term policy of pushing Iran to the brink, seeking like a cat to take it down in sinister, subversive ways. But now because of the cat laying it's prey, cities feel volatile. So who pushes who-- police state.

U>Universal Heathcare--In this current time, Universal Heathcare may be of age. With computers being a big part, incompetent boards as oversight; though, not providing choice for doctors, but getting more choice in the choice of the drugs. Surely, today, it can offer a system of protocols and priorities. High deductables and low taxes. Whatever.

The States or Federal Government??

Which one is going to save you? -- In the case of hurricane Katrina, the Republican governor of the state of Mississippi was crying and crying for FEMA to come to the rescue. Seems humiliating for any member of a state in the Union who has to hear it. At the same time, the Democratic governor of Louisiana appears to have been fighting for control for the states own national guard. And now they're all saying how much has all been learned from the case of Katrina so that the Federal Government can come to the rescue next time.

That's a good question when within a state there are sinister self-serving clubs, or the states police force is trained by a single apparatus suspicious of George Washington. Doesn't look good. And in the case of Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings, what happened? SOMEBODY BLEW UP YOUR BUILDINGS!

Laying all this aside, it looks that the American Union will break up not along state lines but maybe into eight sections. There are predictions of this elsewhere. The fact is is that the states cannot be trusted.

The VAT Tax

The Value Added Tax is going to move the supply curve INWARD, this is opposite of the concept of Supply-Side economics which moves the supply curve outward thus expanding the ability to create supply in turn lowering price and increasing demand, and even at some point increasing government revenue. This site, though, not total advocate of Supply-Side economics but just stating this case. In the case of the VAT tax the supply curve is going to move inward thus raising price and decreasing demand, and will also have the effect of (directly) increasing government revenue.

Thus with the VAT there will become a smaller private sector, and guess who gets all the abandoned (land, people) -- yes, the GOVERNMENT. And what do we call that -- Communism.

The Big Bank Bailout -- This is an example of the Science of Economics becoming a likeness of an electronic machine defined by an exact science. And so nobody knows what they are doing because of the complexity of the science, but this is NOT real economics which would be using macroeconomic policy and with the question of who's policy: the Communist, the Fascist, or the Capitalists. This is what they are: Communism (Small group rule), Fascism (Military Indusrial Complex rule), Capitalism (Banking and Investment rule) all have their evils, and so when you hear all the railings against the word Socialism in general it is suspicious, and maybe even disingenuous. It should be stated that Capitalism is a failure which shouldn't come as a surprise -- it failed eventually, now what's next. Why be ruled by private bankers?

Takeover of the U.S. Continent -- this is just purely a hypothetical. (outdated material).

(Note: This takeover plan and geo-sections emphasis here).

Takeover of Section-A (hypothetical) takeover of the U.S.
Section-A being the area of the U.S. spanning Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, California, part of Utah. First, in time of opportunity of chaotic times, inundate the Los Alamos, Colorado Springs military installations, and the Denver international airport all known to house an underground. Take control. Also, at this time, taking control of the remote Area-51 military installation.

In time of chaos for the opportunity, note that California will be a special place for chaos, and the goal should be to neutralize the airforce bases for use, and to neutralize the Military Industrial Complex which is nothing less than a satanic front set upon evil workings. Close to one-third of the U.S. Army would be suspected to defect immediately against the current satanic racket status, and maybe end up being sixty to seventy percent afterwards, if lucky.

Cautionary notes should be made for presence of black helicopters, high-tech weaponry airforce jets and bombers. Also, cautionary notes on alien entities said to inhabit the underground in alliance with secret ops of the U.S. government. These secret ops protected by segment of force Delta.

Certain personnel on these secret satanic bases to be in status Black -- the meaning is whatever you want it to be. Shoot to kill orders for any foreign troops coming in on the northwest coast disposed by the desperate swindlers.

The northeast of the U.S. will most likely continue to be in the hands of the swindlers who will make deals with foreign entities as an iron grip is ensued on their section of the U.S. continent -- this being Section-F. The swindlers being the proteges of the House of Rothschild -- this being of the Bavarian Illuminati now based in Britain ultimately of the Babylonian Brotherhood.

These sections (emphasis here) only being descriptive in military terms not in terms of desired territorial disputes. This would be the start of the opportunity.

A move toward Section-D being Missouri, Kansas military installations; move on Offutt AF Base in Nebraska rumored to inhabit secret underground. Takeover.

EPILOGUE: Description of sections (emphasis here). This plan put forth in the face that it is a plan that if anyone really wanted to take it from the servants of Satan. And to note that it is believed to be imperative that the secret bases be overthrown. The reference to populace entails the many of the U.S. continent as being varying.

What the Economic Solution Should Have Been

Instead of the U.S. Congress listening to the President Bush's Paulson and Geithner, the U.S. should have taken the following steps to save the Americana:

Solution is SHOCK THERAPY not austerity.
(this is this website's plan). 1. Keep the FDIC solvent; create, send in teams under the FDIC to the troubled banks.
2. Wipe out the derivative market off the books--send them to Las Vegas.
3. Fire sale on the over spacious foreclosed homes--yes, could include gutting them; yes, there will be R.V. parks, tent cities, and portable facilities: this is part of it. Yes, still school for kids if possible.
4. Fiscal project stimulous on a grand high-speed rail for the nation.
5. Keep interest rates? -- this is shock therapy.
6. Instigate Flat Tax flat-progressive for top two percent.
7. The extension of unemployment benefits would still be enacted.

The feeling is that with the derivative market wiped out, and with the fire sale, both of these would appear to hold inflation down as being depressive. To the contrary would be the grand fiscal stimulous, and cutting Defense budget which would be offsetting; that this balance of the depressive factors of the former sentence, and this would keep inflation checked -- thus a shock.

Maybe, the extent of this shock therapy would have lasted TWO YEARS, and the economy would now be just coming out of this phase, and ready for the ARMs (adjustable-rate mortgages) phase coming down the road. BUT NO, everyone had to do what Geithner said with all the sorrowfulness as if he only knew what to do-- a Classical machine. And all the Congress and the two Presidents all just sit there helpless, and can't think of anything. As a side note, as for the derivatives gurus, they get to go to Las Vegas and bet on whether the groundhog comes out that day -- the money can be as big as they want it to be.

One more word on the thinking of Paulson, Geithner, and Goldman Sachs: they appear to have done something that even transcends Greenspan; they appear to have figured out a way that this present financial system is determined by an exact science like unto the physics of electronics utilizing a power supply, conduction, induction, capacitors, resistors, ect., electronic components. On the internet there is a writing on this concept of economics being applied to the very electronic components (can't find at moment) basically Classical economics.

Time Warp of John Mark Karr

From this websites own research it has found in theory that John Mark Karr is not really who he pertains to be. There is kind of a long story behind this, but to try to explain. This website had been researching some subject on the Philadelphia Experiment for a few years now, and it came across an interview involving a person aliased as a person called Larry James (not his real name). That person Larry James had been involved in black projects involving the Montauk boys project, and in a project called the Montauk time project. Here it is theorized that this Larry James is the same person as John Mark Karr, but also that John Mark Karr is not even his own original person. In the recording by Larry James about Fall of 2000 which is on the internet this concept is explained how this happened. That through the underground secret technology was able to transfer his soul at that time (mid 1980's) into a prepared infant child born in 1964 and now presumed here called John Mark Karr. Larry James states on the recording that the parents of that child had been prearranged; that the soul of the person that went into the child, the name is not known but that the person was older and in charge of the time tunnel operation of the late 1970's and early 1980's. That person according to alias Larry James had been in charge of operations of the time tunnels which part of his mission at the time was to use Montauk boys as test experiments in the time tunnels, and later girls in the mid 1980's. If this isn't strange enough, it gets stranger.

According to Larry James, said here to be John Mark Karr, the Montauk Project was also able to use worm holes (time tunnel technology) to take people in their physical bodies to a different location and then place them back just a few seconds later than when they took them. Now, it is the theory here that John Mark Karr actually does have the knowledge of what happened to Jon Benet Ramsey using this concept. That Jon Benet Ramsey was used in a worm hole and then placed back in the found position, neither of the parents of Jon Benet knew how this happened. And that the note left at the scene, very sadistic and well written, was also made up before the replacement of the final scene.

Arizona -- Immigration

To solve the Arizona problem could be to give over the police force in a wide range to the hispanic population. Why does Obama enjoy so much watching the European descendent (non-hispanic) police walk with a big stick in a different sea. Paul Bunyan is the word, watching him get tied down. The solution would let the hispanic police, hire them in the academies predominately, this being able to solve the problem of racial profiling. It is going to happen anyway, the population is ultimately going to change over. Why be like Paul Bunyan unless the desire is to be a masochist. Maybe they wouldn't take the cues from the single apparatus zionist-minded training. This being understandable that the hispanic population would want to guard against the big stick which has been so trained being like an EMPIRE not democratic.

In addition to this A FENCE should be built as soon as possible. To say that you have cut a percentage of influx only to say that the current is still large and so do nothing is stupid.

The fact still remains that it appears that ultimately Arizona is going to go hispanic, it just seems apparent. European heritage descendents are dying faster than being replaced, and this will increase substantially in the coming years. The anticipation that the U.S. will break up into sections seems also apparent although Obama and the zionists may intend continued control over the area either by an empire type rule, or a Marxist uprising.

Where was the U.S. Oil Industry -- looks like sellouts to BP

The U.S. oil industry would have known the risk of a super deep high pressure well on a floating dock. Why wouldn't they have tried to prevent the foreign BP company from the drilling with the knowledge of their own industry. They could have prevented the sign off on the permit unless the lobby was just to strong. This is exactly why capitalism is a FAILURE, and that even Socialism would have been better able to prevent this. These American capitalists would have even sold out their own ports to Arabian multinationals if they had been allowed to. And now all the while the Gulf problem is being caused by the same country who gave their own population mad cow disease out of pure wrecklessness and all for the buck.

Solution to Gulf Oil-leak Problem

Basically, is there an American engineer in the whole f_cking country. First, throw the British Petroleum company out of the Gulf: (solutions)

1. go cut a big rock out of a mountain maybe being a flat rock, and drop it on the well opening. The enormous weights then the leak will clog. And then utilize the American engineers to get the oil out with betterment of thought because that prior situation was a conflict of interest.

2. Throw THE BRITISH PETROLEUM COMPANY OUT OF THE GULF, and then use massive weight to close the fissures and the main opening. The U.S. government should take total control of the situation immediately at this time. Kick the BP company out of the Gulf; then pick all their shit up off the ocean floor, and send them back to Britain. Then use massive weight to close the fissures first; then use huge massive weight to close the main opening.

What to do about Iran Nukes

The U.S. and it's neocons has pushed the ability to finish the nuke plant; the U.S. is crawling all around Russia's borders: all because Russia defies the British Rothschilds. And so now Russia has almost no reason to capitulate to the U.S. on any offense. And so now the neocons say a premptive strike is locked in. The only policy the U.S. and Western Europe should take is to now put in a policy of Deterrence Defense Process which will, in effect, set in an immediate process of many devices that are all pointed on Iran for all future relations (peace, intelligence, ect.). It looks like this current situation was all perpetuated even over ten years ago and even longer, by the fascist neocons of British/American imperialism and for the reward of the zionists.

The 2010 Midterm Analysis (outdated).

Best outcome of 2010 election

1. Democrats lose House seats but retain control of the House by one or more.
2. Democrats hold the Senate by 51 or 52.
3. Barbara Boxer loses Senate seat -- the partial birth queen.
4. Democrats not to be even close to the 60 seats in the Senate.
5. If the House flips to Republicans, the Democrats keep control of the Senate.
6. Republicans control more than fifty percent of governors of states.
7. If House does flip, rest of above stand true.

Economic Plan -- (emphasis this website)

A. In a recent conference involving Phil Gramm, Arthur Laffer, and Laura Tyson, it was stated by Laura Tyson that for the future, the people need to decide how big they want their government to be. (Fall, 2010).
B. And also, as stated from here, consider the question, what makes the nation a nation -- what is common; what is common among the states. Defense, possible healthcare, ect.
C. As it is late in the shade, and according to this website the end of the world as is known, and just to show that nobody can say it couldn't have been any other way -- if they do, they're wrong for Satan is the "prince of this world" (John 12:31).

REAL CHANGE -- things do change in time and so a plan for change by this website. 1. Flat Income Tax -- a flat rate around fifteen percent for most; a Rich Tax meaning a higher flat rate for the top two percent.
2. Universal Healthcare -- close to Hillary Clinton plan.
3. Cut Defense Spending.
4. Fiscal High-speed Rail -- alternative to airlines.
5. Government Land for R.V. Dwelling -- this able to absorb all or any unemployment; no govt. checks other than unemployment compensation as currently applied; soup kithen required on all govt. sites; no govt. R.V's provided, only govt. land provided meaning expanse land of the fifty states; tent dwelling allowed; the provided govt. land required to be out of city limits; within city limits homeless shelters still apply.
6. No Bank Bailouts -- instead bailout FDIC.
7. Disparagement of Laissez Faire Policies -- such as the Bush/Clinton/Obama over exuberance in a variety of areas especially in financial and trade. Example: in Trade -- the American "capitalists" suck up cheap labour contracts by foreign capitalists of laden merchandise not even Americana; and bow to sheiks.
8. Stoppage of Imperialistic Wars.
9. Enact Bi-Lateral Trade agreements -- free trade; fair trade is bi-lateral trade -- not international trade procedures. The U.S. can take the leadership in this enaction.

Some economic systems to choose from but what of Socialism is not that a system in support of democracy and government for a nation. It is important to note the existence of a varying degrees of Socialism but does Churchill have to be quoted again!
Communism -- a group of elite, or club make the decisions for the state: the people and the land are for the state. (emphasis here).
Fascism -- the military industrial complex rule: the resources of the state are for the Industry of the state. (emphasis here).
Capitalism -- varying degrees of the drive for profit among individuals: the amount of profit determines the allocation of resources. (emphasis here).
Socialism -- the negotiating balance of the varying contrary forces which makes up the economy: economic policies of the state are determined by the negotiation of the representive parties of the state i.e. people, farm, labour, energy, environment, ect. (emphasis here).
Globalism -- an international trade organization rule: all resources of the nations are sucked into the corruption of money resulting in a united states of the world.
Mercantilists -- worldly and opium addicts.

A Plan for Universal Healthcare -- (emphasis this website)

1. Prevent private insurance coverage of under $5000.00 per case in private sector.
2. Govenment insurance offered to all citizens; restriction of no choice of doctor; also no coverage allowed under $5000.00 per case.
3. Determined poor: insurance covered by federal government.
4. Plan can be enacted at once with an eventual gradual expansion of VA type system run by the government.
5. More choice in new system of drugs, and choice of private or government; more of a system of choice protocols and COMPUTERS enacted where needed; government system will involve incompetent boards as oversite.
Current cliche: You chose me as your doctor, didn't you.
6. All citizens get choice of whether to use government insurance, or private insurance both subject to no coverage under $5000.00 per case rule.
7. Problem of current system is inflation of costs of the scam triad: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Insurance which the scam swirls over the peoples head. End of this scam.
8. Eliminate employer based healthcare system.

Conflict of the Two Zionist Factions

Assimilator Zionists -- intends to rule the nation of habitation by using their acclaimed "talents" to gain such rule and wealth. Such policies as the Anti-Defamation League, pro-abortion politics, ect. are reminiscent of zionist assimilation, and any policy that assures itself continued rule. Zionist assimilation intends to usurp the nation of habitation by it's assimilation then usurp the state of Israel by it's assimilated power: contrary to the occult zionists.

Occult Zionists -- intends to rule the world by gaining occult power by the habitation and symbolism of the land of Israel specifically Jerusalem and Zion. Intends to usurp the assimilator zionists and force them to capitulate to their occultic ideals. Intension is to conquer the lands of the Middle East to usher in a greater Israel, and then rule the world thru occultic power.

Both these zionist factions are contrary to the other in their aspired goals, but both play off each other in their past and current demises for the achievement of their contrary goals. Both these factions are "antichrists" (1 John 2:18,22).

Shock Therapy or Austerity

The answer is Shock Therapy which should have taken place instead of the bank bailout. If the U.S. Congress goes ahead and defaults -- this would be SHOCK THERAPY; if they raise the debt ceiling with the Obama people -- this will result in AUSTERITY-- oppression!.

In Reagonomics which involves supply-side economics -- this was shock therapy. The supply-side policies were put into place this, in turn, mixed with the tight money policy at the time caused the real interest rates to rise even as the inflation rate was falling, in turn, this caused a sharp, deep recession in 1982. The policy makers insisted they expected this and iterated to just wait for the policies to affect. The policies did affect and the end result was lower taxes, higher growth-rate, increased tax base, and increased tax revenues for the government. That was then; this is now -- this site not advocating supply-side economics in this era of time.

First of all, the Obama government (like the Bush government) is a pro-British satanic zionist clone. On the other side, the U.S. Congress should have agreed to the Clinton era tax rates for the top 2 percent. The money would have been better off in government hands servicing the debt. Now the Obama people probably want the pension funds by duping the Congress maybe in the future.

If the Obama people raise the debt ceiling then basically it would be a set up for austerity which is just what they and their people want which they, also, would be seeking finally their communist ideal of the iron grip. They are communists. In a different vain, it was the Bush fascist government which set up the current security state apparatus, and also gave the bailout.

Are they together, yes in terms of the zionist agenda's desire for control of the whole of the Middle East.

Prediction One -- if the debt ceiling is raised then deja vu, and it will result in austerity.

Prediction Two -- if the debt ceiling is not agreed to then spending cuts will ensue, but also a shock will ensue which should have happened instead of the bank bailout. The only aspect which was required to stay solvent was the FDIC. This one was desirable; the first one was agreed to.

Prediction Three -- if the debt ceiling is not agreed to and the government decides to print money then this would result in hyperinflation and a disaster, and nominal interest rates will rise.

It is the Military Industrial Complex which should take the funding cuts in order to soften the blow for other parts of the government in which "41 percent" of the government would be impending to shut down.

The Keystone Pipeline -- oil pipeline leading from Canada to the U.S.

(And positions of the 2012 presidential candidates).

The Keystone Pipeline represents self sufficiency for the U.S. as contrary to reliance on overseas oil. Mitt Romney -- claimed to be for the Keystone Pipeline BUT is also for all the overseas wars. Barack Obama -- is against the Keystone Pipeline BUT is for the overseas wars. George W. Bush -- was against the U.S. being the world's policeman: YET was for all the INPERIALISTIC WARS.

Really what should happen is the U.S. military OFFENSE budget should be cut hugely. Looks like a defunct U.S. populace.

Gary Johnson -- puts most emphasis on Capitalism rather than the American Constitution; thinks Capitalsim is the answer to most problems like the environment and illegal imigration which he believes in giving work visas so Americans dont have to do the work.
Ron Paul -- believes in Liberty and the American Constitution; also the free enterprise system NOT international bankers, fascist offensive military actions or the domestic security state, or oligarchal corrupted industrial buisiness practices.

All Dark News by this website:
B.A. in Economics, UNT '93
(Updated 5/25/13).