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List of matrixes below (click on the date as all the code words in this list are dates)
Eight matrixes active at this time; eight views of time.

Introduction to the Bible Codes -- this is an introduction of how the Bible Codes work.

1st matrix -- May 2, 2017 (matrix one)

2nd matrix -- August 12, 2003

3rd matrix -- January 5, 2012 (true new moon counting).

4th matrix -- October7, 2013 (matrix one: true new moon counting).

5th matrix -- October 7, 2013 (matrix two: true new moon counting).

6th matrix -- October 11, 2013 (true new moon counting).

7th matrix -- May 2, 2017 (matrix two)

8th matrix -- February 28, 2017 (true new moon counting).

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