Introduction to Bible Codes

1. The Bible codes is a system where a certain word or phrase is thought up and then that word or phrase is used to form a matrix out of the Hebrew Bible text.

2. The matrix is formed by being able to skip the same amount of spaces between all the letters of the word or phrase anywhere in the Bible. A computer can do this to find as many times as this occurs throughout the Bible for that word or phrase.

3. This is only done in the Hebrew Bible meaning the word or phrase is also converted to Hebrew.

4. A matrix looks like as below:

5. The matrix tells a story relating to the certain word or phrase in question. It is theorized by this website that all things relating to the creation are recorded inside all the varying matrixes that can be formed out of the Hebrew Bible.

Seven matrixes have been found and worked on by this website all of which are dates converted to the Hebrew dates. There is much more that this website would like to work on as words or phrases such as the word Vatican; the state of Arkansas; also there are other dates this website would like to work on but it is neverending amount of work. A note about the Hebrew years: when converting any year to Hebrew there is only one answer and that is the number for that year which the Hebrew system has determined. This Hebrew system for referencing years did not come from the Bible as the Bible counted years in chronology thus the Hebrew system referenced these years up to the modern time. All the years since 243 years after creation of Adam are referenced by this Hebrew system for a year. Why 243 years -- the overlap from creation of Adam in 4003 B.C. and death of Methuselah in 2347 B.C. equals 243 then adding inclusively to 4003 B.C. equals 3761 B.C. the first Hebrew year.

In order to understand the significance of the matrixes for the years 2013 thru 2017 it must be remembered that this website theorizes that there will be a Backwards Event which the galaxy will go back to the year 2013 to begin the three and one-half year end of the age. And that there will be only three and one-half years from the Fall of 2013 after the galaxy goes back til the end of this age in Spring of 2017.

The Seven Matrixes

August 12, 2003 -- for this date computer found two matrixes. Only one of the matrixes for this date was worked on and completed by this website. The subject of the matrix worked on is the Secret Underground. The other matrix appeared to be about the money system but did not work on.

January 5, 2012 -- computer found one matrix. It's subject is the state of the Secret Underground nine years later.
Note: Tevet 11, 5772 is January 5, 2012 true new moon counting not January 6, 2012.

October 7, 2013 -- computer found two matrixes. Subject of first matrix as determined by this website is of the Volcano Mount Etna on island of Sicily. Subject of the second matrix as determined by this website is a Stellar Event; war in the Middle East; a wrinkling of the earth's surface somewhere in the region.

October 11, 2013 -- computer found one matrix. Subject is of the State of the World from after affects of the world turmoil.
Note: the three matrixes for 2013 are using correct new moon counting which October 6, 2013 was the true Tishri 1, 5774 not September 6, 2013.

May 2, 2017 -- computer found two matrixes. Both matrixes uniquely show State of the World after the 1290th day but before the 1335th day which means this is the time after Armageddon but before the first day of the Thousand-year Reign.

Bible Code Program used:
The Keys to the Bible (v2)
Computronic Corporation

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