Supernatural glimpse

I would tell of a vision I had about three years ago, in the Spring of 1999 to be exact. I do not say the vision was from God because it came during a time of demonic attack. Rather, the vision was demonic, and was meant to cause fear. Yet knowing the Devil is able to predict the future with his advanced knowledge, it could be truth, though, the devil is a liar.

While this could cause fear, it is possible warning of the terror to come. Of course, much to the devil's demise, I wasn't supposed to be able to tell of this happening. While this satanic vision lasted only a few minutes, the whole of the demonic attack lasted up to two weeks. The vision cannot be pertained to either drugs, or alcohol. It occurred in my small residence during the day, and during a time of intense demonic attack upon my conscious. The T.V. was turned off, but a preacher began to preach on the T.V. The man was preaching the gospel, and he was preaching it hard. The man must have been in his upper 40's, about six feet tall, being slightly overweight. As he preached, it seemed to be ominous, an eery feeling. There was something wrong. The man was upon stage with a podium, and he strayed around behind the podium as he preached. On either side of the man set back as if winging him, were two black men. They were both dressed in suits, close to six feet tall, and appeared much like the black Muslims here in America. They were standing straight yet seemed relaxed. As the man preached there was something wrong, it was the gospel, but it was so repulsive--it was so sickening.

Next, the preacher motions for something, and a white cardboard box is brought over, and set upon the podium. There was something in the box. The preacher began preaching on the "most destructive weapon known to man". And he paraded as he preached in a hard manner on this subject. Then, the attention slowly began to be on the white box sitting upon the podium. The preacher was becoming uneasy as he was figuring his next step which would be opening the box. I didn't know why he was becoming uneasy, he just was. So the preacher began approaching the box as he preached. And he began slowly opening it, seeming uneasy about what he was doing, and fumbling a bit. The audience kind of laughed. The two black men approached on both sides, and slowly began helping the preacher open the box. The box seemed a little soggy, and the two men held the box as the preacher pulled out the contents. It was a cow's tongue! still attached to the back of it's throat. The preacher held up the tongue using both hands showing the audience and spouting "this is the most dangerous weapon known to man!" The preacher, as he continued showing the audience what was in his hands, seemed to begin coming more uneasy. He seemed confused as if he didn't know what was supposed to happen next. At this point the vision ends abruptly with static.

"Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father..." (Galatians 1:4).

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