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The "walk-in", "soul transfer" method -- from some research by this website and from knowledge of the intricateness of the scriptures of the Bible, it can be shown how this method can occur with the various twists that come with it.

First of all, "soul transfer" is the wrong terminology which is happening, it is the spirit that gets transferred in this method. Man is made up of the body, the soul, and the spirit. The spirit is the generation of the mind and all that is in it; the soul is the "puff of the Divine". Man was created in the image of God; God puffed into the man and gave the body life, and he became a living soul.

The soul of man is either saved or lost, it was created to put life in the body. The spirit is the generation of the mind of the perspective body and soul of the entity being of mankind which was created at conception. The spirit generates from conception and is unique to the entity being only of mankind.

Now the soul which can be saved or lost, gives the body life. If the body dies with the soul being a lost soul then the soul is considered damned, this meaning both the body and soul will be resurrected in the second resurrection at the great white throne judgment to be destroyed in the lake of fire. If the body dies with the soul being saved then the soul and body because it is a saved soul, will be resurrected to heaven at the first resurrection. The first resurrection occurs directly before the one-thousand year reign of Jesus Christ, the second resurrection occurs after the one-thousand year reign.

Where is the spirit is these cases? The spirit of the saved soul will immediately go to heaven when the body dies, the soul, at this point, singularly determines which bodies in the dust of the earth are saved or lost. The angels are spiritual beings created by God; the saved of mankind will receive new spiritual bodies at the first resurrection as only their spirits had resided in heaven until this point.

The soul is the divinity of mankind which gave life to the body which was created in the image of God. The soul is the determiner of the body live or dead as to being saved or lost. The spirit through faith, and by acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord is the determiner of the soul being saved or lost.

The method of the "walk-in", "spirit transfer" -- HOW THIS MAY OCCUR.

First of all, they are lying to you, the soul does not transfer. If the soul transferred, it could be saved after the transfer -- it does not transfer. There is one soul per body when it is conceived and the spirit generates unique to that entity from that point. The soul is with the body which gave it life yet because of the spirit is either saved or lost; thus the soul determines which bodies are destined for which of the two perspective resurrections. The soul determines which dead bodies in the ground, or in the sea are of which resurrection -- the first, or the second.

It is the spirit that transfers, and how could this work?

Disclaimer -- it must be stated this is the sole written opinion by this website which was attained by it's own research.

How can a spirit transfer

Through certain occult practices the spirit of a person can actually be transferred into another body. This would be willingly done by both participants usually involving certain massage techniques, meditation, breathing, and maybe particular drugs. The body of one is positioned so to become in a certain state of frequency so as to give up their perspective spirit into the body of the other who is to receive the spirit in addition to their own. In this case, the receiver of the spirit will be able to allow this transmitted spirit to even control or live in their body for a time until it is to go back in the positioned body and then come out the laying state.

To do this apparently involves various training and practice from certain sources or organizations of the occult. After the training, it is apparent that willing participants are able to practice and increase their levels of skill. Many websites on the net can attune to this, and even clamoring that a breakout is coming of increased "walk-ins" and "walk-outs" awaiting the fourth density.

A "walk-in" being when a spirit is received to reside in a perspective body; a "walk-out" being when a spirit leaves the body to reside in another place or "dimensional plane", and as is solicited that some people do this instead of committing suicide so as to leave their body for another spirit to inhabit.

Can they do this? It is apparent that they can do this, but there are many twists and turns as to when they are able to perform this, and not able. And when they do perform this what this means for their body, soul, spirit. And when they do perform this the varying degrees of their performances, and the differentiations between personal spirits of mankind being transferred into other persons, or demon spirits being transferred into persons. And in the case of suicide alternative when the person decides to "walk-out" into the "other world" leaving their body to receive a different spirit. In this day and time, these practices are said to be increasing.

The Various Twists and Turns

1. It is apparent in the case of two willing participants of certain skill and practice that the one person can receive the spirit of the other for a period of time as the body of the transferer lays dormant in a breathing position for a particular time. If the body were to die in this state, it may be that the spirit of the transferer could continue to reside in the receiver if the receiver desires. In this case, the receiver has much control at this point, as the transferer spirit is not near as attuned to the receiver's body frequency. The receiver would have to help the transferer become more and more attuned just as demon spirits seek to work on receivers in this manner to the point of full possession. In the case of demon possession the receiver would also be sharing the body with another spirit.

Back to the point, if the body of the transferer were to die in this process while residing in the receivers body, it may be that the transferers spirit would be classified as a familiar spirit as varying from a demon spirit. As for the body and soul of this familiar spirit if the body died: as an unsaved soul left in the body, both the body and soul would be left in the dust of the earth until the second resurrection. If the receiver were to die at this point, the familiar spirit would go straight to hell. The receivers spirit, on the other hand, would depend on the state of the soul at the very moment of death as to being saved or unsaved.

2. Case of a transferer seeking to inhabit an infant with the intention of ditching their own body, this would require assistance of a few freewill agents. The infant would not be a freewill agent, but still would be subject to this evil -- the infant's spirit would still reside in the body yet may could be subdued by the more mature familiar spirit which likely would be the intention. In this case of an infant, this would probably involve much practice, and with the infant, and assistants. This may could be performed over and over again throughout time, but it is important to note that the freewill aspect would be lost after the disposition of the original soul and body of the familiar spirit. Also, this involves freewill agents because of the assistance with an infant, and certain skills of the occult. One important note is that after the transferer transfers the spirit into the infant as intent to stay, the transferer has now lost it's soul and it's freewill.

3. Case of a transferer seeking to inhabit another void transferer. Can they do this? Demonic spirits, apparently are not able to do this for a very long time having to do with energy and frequency, but spirits of mankind may be able to do this. If this can be done, the transferer may be able to perform this over and over again throughout time, but with the absence of the spirit's own body and soul, and it's freewill, the spirit would be subject to Satan.

In all these cases, the souls of the receivers are only relevant to the receivers as being in their own body and containing their own spirit. This means the transferer cannot use the soul of the receiver to get saved. The receivers soul can only be saved by the decision of the receivers spirit as in it's own perspective body. This also could mean that a transferer who transfers then goes back into their own body could then as being back in their own body then have the opportunity of being saved. This is what you would call playing with fire.

About the first and second resurrections -- there are only two resurrections after the end of the age, and it is specified that mankind is to hope for the first while the second is for the "second death". The only other resurrection for the dead is the rapture resurrection in which the "dead in Christ shall rise first". This is relevant because all the dead in history and any who die of today: these dead "in Christ" will be resurrected in the rapture resurrection. This rapture resurrection occurs three and one-half years before the second coming of Jesus Christ while the first and second resurrections occur after the three and one-half years. Being that the number of mankind currently living is close to seven billion, it is implied that most of all mankind will be part of the first and second resurrections which both occur after the second coming of Jesus Christ. As another note, all those in the rapture resurrection will gain their new spiritual bodies beforehand to be in the armies from heaven to come down with Christ for Armageddon.

All Bible quotes from KJV.
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