Dark News (from 2014)

Dark News -- (updated news from 8/24/2014 last paragraph most recent).

Events: Syria/Iraq (April 10, 2017): The U.S. policy should be to withdraw all the U.S. forces out of both Iraq and Syria for the reason that the U.S. does not need to be meddling in either of those countries and that the Syrian army, the Kurdish army, and the Iraqi army will kill the ISIS-- the U.S. is not needed. After ISIS is killed those nations will deal with each other: Syria and the Kurds are to negotiate about Kudish independence; and Iraq and the Kurds are to negotiate about Kirkuk. How these negotiations turn out is not in America's hands it's just simple as that. Russia was not meddling in Syria they are long-time allies but it is Britain and the U.S. who are meddling: Britain in Kurdistan and the U.S. in Iraq. In addition the CIA and Turkey were also meddling in Syria which ended in creating the ISIS which Qatar and Saudi Arabia fiananced all for attempting to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government with Assad as leader all so Qatar could have a pipeline to the seaside of Syria which they will never get. This was all so the West could have a current day Industry of Phoenicia on the seaside of Syria, and then the ISIS caliphate would have with all it's reign of terror guarded the most grand evil pipeline running from Qatar all the way through the caliphate area to the seaside of Syria -- this was all evil; this was the British New World vision.

North Korea (April 10, 2017): The U.S. policy should be to use Deterrence as it's policy in dealing with North Korea. That is in the event North Korea was to use a long range missle on the U.S. then the U.S. would fully respond on North Korea. It's just the way it is some people may not like this but deterrence works.

The Philosophicals of the American nation state; and the National Anthem (added 9/2017)
The current security state of today being created since the George W. Bush era after year 2000 has resulted in a low crime-rate, misery for the American citizens, and many jobs in the security field. Contrary to this if in America there was a high crime-rate then most people would conclude it would be for lack of a security state apparatus. But this is not true at all for as Benjamin Franklin had stated: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." So in this it should be shown that with the true American spirit in it's founding and of the national anthem with what it stands for in contrariness from England; then it should be shown that security is not required for Liberty. For in this spirit would surely result in a low crime-rate therefore void of the grand security state. Period.

NOTE for the end (Updated: March 11, 2017): At the origination of this note it was theorized by this website the end of the age would begin before end of Spring 2017 which this being not the case the specifications of the theory are now instated. There are a few events which must begin to come to pass before the three and one-half year end begins: major eruption of Mount Etna; war in Middle East; Jewish temple transported to Mount Moriah temple mount; overlooming asteroid if detected; and an alien agenda. As this theory is still in play it must be noted that of the above before happenings there has to be certain time for the Middle East war such time as speculation of the time as three months or four months before which a Backwards Event will take place in which the Milky Way galaxy goes back to year 2013 on Tishri 1, 5774 being October 6, 2013 to start the three and one-half year end. Now to note what is certain before this Middle East war is to begin the ISIS which are the "trangressors" must "come to the full" this is certain. So in effect with the end of ISIS then as speculation because a Middle East war must start then there would be in effect as speculation three or four months for this war to get to Egypt then would be the Backwards Event. As can be seen this overshoots the Spring 2017 but that it will never overshoot the date of April 17, 2018 for that is the end of the seventy years of a generation from the fig tree sign of Israel bearing no fruit coming back into existence. (True New Moon counting must be performed when calculating the Jewish new year using Nisan 1 as supposed: use first New Moon after vernal equinox).

It was thought possible that ISIS would come to the end by the date April 17, 2017 which this date being the 1290th day of the three and one-half year end after the Backwards Event has occurred. When this didn't happen the following dates being from previous speculation for the occurrence of the Backwards Event: the date June 1, 2017 was revised from April 17, 2017 for the reason of moving the date from the 1290th day to the 1335th day which would be the beginning of the thousand year sabbath day. But now using current speculation the date is moved even past June 1, 2017 to some unspecified weeks or months. When the ISIS is "come to the full" then watchout because this will be the lead up for the start of the end of the age -- three and one-half years. It is to be noted that with the new revision of theory taking into account the Backwards Event happening is that it goes farther into the thousand year reign (sabbath day) than just June 1, 2017 but not past the April 17, 2018 date which being Nisan 1 in 2018. (Reference: Daniel 8:23).

UPDATE: (September 24, 2018) -- The speculated cut-off date for the opening of the seven seals and the backwards-time-event occurring has passed which the date speculated on being April 17, 2018, and as is evident the opening of the seven seals has not occurred. Explanation: remember that seventy years since the cursed fig tree came back into existence is very significant this being on date May 14, 1948. So the date May 14, 2018 also being very significant in that the cursed fig tree would be seventy years-old on that date using inclusive reckoning, but also in the counting three other dates remain significant: one is Tishri 1 in 2018 which is October 10, 2018; the other is April 6, 2019 being by this date Nisan 1 in 2019 which is seventy-one years using regular counting not inclusive reckoning counting; the third is May 14, 2019 using regular counting which is the birthday for the fig tree being the nation of Israel. It is also interesting to note that Tishri 1 in 2018 is also the beginning of the 6021st year since the seven-day creation on Tishri 1 in 4003 B.C. It was in 1997 on Tishri 1 that it was the 6000th year since creation.

Future America -- As the babyboomer generation being a pre-1980 generation die off in a bell curve, the U.S. at some point in the bell curve will either break up into regions or become under communism if the iron grip can be attained. If the Liberal Democrat prevails because of the bell curve they will be the communists. The immigration of Mexican origin also has a bell curve which started in 1980 and ended about 2013 or so and which is post-1980 America. They having catholic aspects may be positive for the future. A new immigration bell curve from some where could start this year in 2018 which is the same year the babyboomer bell curve starts as they are turning seventy years old. These two bell curves could mimic each other.

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