The Drop Game

This is called the Drop Game because the player will always lose, however, in this drop game there is a way that will enable the player to win.
Remember the mirror.


     1. There are four paths to select from: you may enter any of the four paths then follow the paths by clicking
        the next button.  The paths are not very long only a few pages, but you are assured to lose.
     2. You may go to the start and enter the other paths, if you wish, after you have completed the selected path.
     3. The path to the side is the last path, and this path enables you to win.
     4. There is little interaction in this game.
     5. You must accept what the game gives you.
     6. To listen to song and/or video, allow Active-X if popup warning enables.

Click here: to Begin.

By playing this game you will not go to hell; by playing this game you will enter into hell.

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