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Ten U.S. Commandments: Shock therapy for the U.S. (4/2015)
1. The U.S. should immediately cut the Military Industrial Complex of Defense contractors funding by twenty percent and eventually by one-third. (Send them to Unemployment with extensions if necessary).
2. The U.S. has much coal, and technololgy.
3. The U.S. should use it's Coal-fired plants for energy and can use wind energy, solar energy, and hydro energy.
4. The U.S. has oil, oil refineries, and technology.
5. The U.S. can use it's own oil, and can also buy oil from other nations like Iran and Canada though bi-lateral trade agreements instead of the christian hating Saudi Arabia.
6. The U.S. can use it's own ships to carry the oil from the prospective oil sellers.
7. The U.S. has much farm land, and ranch land.
8. The U.S. can have a high speed rail east coast to west coast as shown.
9. The U.S. should stop it's arrogant imperialism being only for the satanic British/zionist new world agenda.
10. The U.S. has the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

* The U.S. should support the Yemen Houthi fighters and the other Yemen fighters against the Saudi Arabian and ISIS fighters in Yemen.
* The U.S. should stop the subversive meddling in the Ukraine and even for their current oligarchal president.
* The U.S. should not have supported the foreign rebel/ISIS fighters via Turkey/the CIA in attempting to take over Syria.

The Ukraine -- The British and the American apparatus doings in the Ukraine have been divised to GET SOMETHING ESTABLISHED. The British apparatus with it's American dupes have devised the entire saga in the Ukraine wanting to get in certain terms the Russian action. Reason being for the British New World vision with it's American "comrades" for the utopia of the Nile to the Indus. Disgusting I know but as for Europe so naive. Although this vision will seem in the grasp of the apparatus because of the biblical prophecies on this website it is not going to be the case and this beast number six being the Anglo-British empire after Rome will go down then will be beast number seven and this being the beast of Revelation.

The Problem in Iraq involving ISIS
ISIS -- pure satanic hatred reign of terror for their cause. Their high funding comes via Saudi Arabia and Qatar; they were trained in various places around the world maybe Chechnya, Indonesia, Jordon, ect.; they take cues from esoteric entities as workers of Satan. They were designed to fulfill the function for the British Empire along with the Amrerican neocon zionists but prospectively will be killed with a full invasion coming from the north meaning the ambitious Kurds to kill ISIS: but this all for scheme even the dead ISIS for the British new world vision. This meaning a setup in order to take over the entire Arabian Penninsula by the Kurds along with the U.S. navy; and then prospectively Iran with a massive U.S. air strike to destroy the infrastructure and then even Egypt. This is the prospective by this website using Bible prophecy.

According to this website what should happen is that the current Iraqi government should kill ISIS with supplies of arms coming from Iran and the U.S. and even as Russia. ISIS never to leave Iraq alive -- did Malaki the shiite say that? dont know even with all the dead Sunni Iraqis killed by the ISIS. ISIS will be dead soon but the British new world vision will still intend to loom after the prospective Kurdish invasion. See how it sets up: it is for bad with ISIS but it is for "good" with a prospective invasion from the Kurds but then it is for bad/"good" with the British new world vision. The British empire is beast number six; Rome was beast number five; the beast number six will only grasp their goal but the opening of the Seven Seals will slambang this current world system then will arise beast number seven being the Vatican Rome II.

It is interesting the opposition to Kurdish independence when in fact the Kurds are the only ones in the autonomous region and the Iraqi government in Baghdad is a failure for the country. The opposition to Kurdish independence is unreasonable and is a furtherance of continued problems when Balkanization can work in this case as in the Balkans. The Turkish, Syrian, and Iran areas of the Kurds is a question but what can be said opposing independence in the Iraq region would be antsy.

The ISIS cannot get a sea access because of the Syrian army; the ISIS cannot get thru Lebanon because of Hezbollah; the ISIS cannot get past Baghdad because of the Iraqi army; the ISIS are chum with Turkey; and the ISIS cannot get thru the Kurds: this all meaning that this is all a setup for Qatar and Saudi Arabia to get their desired oil pipeline thru the area of the Caliphate and to the Mediterranean Sea -- they need that sea access. So Qatar and Saudi Arabia would like a little help in shoring all this up in all or any ways possible. Do the funders of ISIS want the Americans to shore it up for them? And for all the oil -- the U.S. doesn't need any of them; the U.S. can be self-sufficient even in oil and coal and trading with others like Canada and Mexico and even Russia not the British imperialist model. Just for the record the U.S. shouldn't be in Afghanistan -- it really wasn't Bin Laden who put down the World Trade Center buildings. That's for the record.

The initial British imperialist model using the U.S. it looks had initially intended to change the borders in Syria by using foreign rebels in Syria via Turkey since about 2011. But being that Assad in Syria continued to hold both Damascas and the seaside with Russian support then Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded the foreign ISIS rebels which it appears were always planned to enter the equation in Syria and Iraq. The ISIS rebels were to attain the Caliphate area being Sunni areas of Syria and Iraq and then subjugate, genocide, and control the Caliphate area so for the oil pipeline that Saudi Arabia and Qatar so much desired under the new British imperialist model: a foreign hostile takeover of the Sunni population in Iraq and Syria. Just to add: Balkanization could have happened in Syria because of Shiite, Sunni, and Kurd divisions without the British imperialist model of the Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded ISIS plan; but not so sure about the pipeline.

A Synopsis About NATO (9/1/2014)
1. NATO needs to be revamped off continental Europe.
2. NATO was an alliance against the Soviet Union which is now dead.
3. NATO has absorbed alot of the Warsaw Pact nations hog-grabbing anything in sight for a British New World Vision.
4. NATO should have been revamped in the 1990's; and continental Europe should have created it's own natural alliance or alliances.
5. Now in 2014 continental Europe doesn't have a natural alliance and NATO is an overgrown pile of shit.
6. NATO only benefits the British New World Vision -- fools.
7. Russia does not have aspirations for European countries or it's peoples.
8. True alliances can form quickly; the NATO alliance should disband not withstanding the Atlantic Ocean.

The U.S. should NOT attack the Assad regime or the Syrian Army (9/9/2014)
The imperialist U.S. policy using the CIA was to meddle in Syria to fund problems for the government of Assad. The U.S. is partly responsible for ISIS being in Syria for the fact the U.S. wanted to oust Assad then have a Saudi/Qatar puppet regime in the "caliphate" area up to the Mediterranean Sea. Although this seems like a balkanization for a Sunni area in the "caliphate" area this would be a pure takeover of the Sunni area by a foreign element which would intend to expand throughout all Syria and Iraq and beyond. It must be stated that this website is not against balkanization for the Sunni/Shiite/Kurd in Iraq and Syria if that being desired or possible by the elements in Syria and Iraq -- BUT the foreign ISIS and other foreign rebel groups in Syria was pure evil via the CIA, U.S., Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey.

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